Gajim - 2015-05-06

  1. Nathan Nothing4You: Preferences -> Chat Appearance -> Window behaviour -> Detached roster with detached chats?
  2. Darlan Nathan, I think Nothing4You is interested in detaching tabs on user demand.
  3. Nothing4You Nathan, indeed, as Darlan said, i'm looking to detach it on demand
  4. Nothing4You there are some chats i don't need extra windows for
  5. Nothing4You but i'd like to be able to see incoming messages from 2 contacts and 1 group all the time on a second screen, especiallly useful when playing games in fullscreen
  6. Nothing4You i could probably just close the conversations i don't need to always see
  7. Nothing4You but it'd be nice if i could just see the channel with activity show up blue so i can ctrl+tab when i want
  8. Alberto hello!
  9. Alberto I was here only to ask if Gajim™ has in mind to include the systray icon in Plasma 5
  10. Alberto Oh and BTW, I've tried several times to report this bug: ImportError: could not import gst but I'm not sure about how can I do it on
  11. Link Mauve You need python2-gstreamer, the 0.10 version.
  12. Link Mauve And probably farstream 0.10 to go with it.
  13. Link Mauve For your first question, I’m not sure what the plan is, but there is a plugin (that supposedly doesn’t work…) to integrate libappindicator.
  14. Alberto ok thanks! ;)
  15. Alberto who has to integrate libappindicator? Plasma or Gajim?
  16. Link Mauve But I think this should be a priority, as both KDE, GNOME and Unity now dropped Xembed notification icons.
  17. Link Mauve Gajim.
  18. Alberto ok!
  19. Link Mauve Not necessarily libappindicator, but something to communicate with the panel to display an icon.
  20. Alberto ok, thanks!
  21. Link Mauve :)
  22. Asterix Link Mauve: Gajim currently use GTK syayusicon for systray. It's now deprecated and there is nothing to replace that. They suggest to use GNotification. I don't follow all those new things as I don't use a DE that really suport GTK3. those GNotification are what we already do with our popups, no? So there is no more systray in modern DE?
  23. Link Mauve I don’t know GNotification, this is the first time I hear about it.
  24. Asterix GtkStatusIcon has been deprecated in 3.14. You should consider using notifications or more modern platform-specific APIs instead. GLib provides the GNotification API which works well with GtkApplication.
  25. Link Mauve GNOME AFAIK doesn’t have a systray anymore, but KDE and Unity still do.
  26. Asterix there are screenshots there:
  27. Asterix and how do we access those systray in KDE and Unity? is it with this libappindicator?
  28. Link Mauve Yeah, or libstatusnotifier, or that Qt5 thing.
  29. Link Mauve It’s just a dbus specification, and those libraries are here to help integrate it.
  30. Link Mauve I don’t see why GtkStatusIcon couldn’t just support it, but my guess is that GNOME devs want to impose their views once again.
  31. Asterix libappindicator is supposed to be implemented in ths plugin. I don't use unity or KDE so I won't play with that
  32. Asterix yes, I really don't like that way GTK3 takes ...
  33. Link Mauve Me neither, I don’t want any notification ever on my desktop. :D
  34. Link Mauve I do have gnome-shell installed though, in order to test a different Wayland compositor.
  35. Asterix ok so there is not really something to do except reporting that the libappindicator plugin don't work correctly to its dev
  36. Link Mauve But my main environment stays orbment.
  37. Link Mauve I haven’t tested it myself, I only got told that by someone here.
  38. Asterix it's not the first time I heard about that plugin
  39. Link Mauve And based on that link you gave me, I think GNotification support should be added as well.
  40. Link Mauve I’m not sure it makes sense to do that in plugins, tbh, people mostly won’t install plugins and they will just complain there is no notification.
  41. Asterix for GNotification, yes I agree
  42. Asterix for QT5 systray, I'm not sure it should go to core
  43. Link Mauve Gajim doesn’t use Qt, what do you mean?
  44. Asterix ‎[21:36] ‎Link Mauve‎: Yeah, or libstatusnotifier, or that Qt5 thing.
  45. Asterix if we want to support the KDE systray fr ex
  46. Asterix if we want to support the KDE systray for ex
  47. Link Mauve It’s just a dbus specification, use the library you see fit.
  48. Asterix ok, but should we really support KDE dbus spec in Gajim core ...
  49. Link Mauve The question is, do you want to support KDE and Unity users or not?
  50. Link Mauve AFAIK Gajim is pretty broken on Unity, submenus aren’t usable and there is no icon.
  51. Link Mauve At least the last time I tried it there, which led me to install Empathy instead for my father.
  52. Asterix yes I have no idea what they do with submenus in unity ...
  53. Link Mauve It was on 14.04 IIRC.
  54. SamWhited There's an environment variable you can use in your launcher to make Unity use traditional menues IIRC... can't remember what it is though. Everything is broken on Unity, so I just don't bother trying to support it generally.
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  57. Nathan KDE has KDE Telepathy as a good XMPP client anyway, I don't think many KDE users would opt for Gajim instead, so going out of your way to support what's probably a tiny minority of users would be a bit too much I think
  58. Link Mauve Nathan, indeed, let’s support only Windows, as it is the DE with the biggest userbase. o/
  59. goffi hi
  60. Nathan don't kid
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