Gajim - 2015-04-30

  1. kekeke hello, can I get some feedback about gajim spitting a traceback at startup after I upgrade an indirect dependency?
  2. Link Mauve kekeke, not sure I can help, but nobody can without the traceback.
  3. kekeke Link Mauve: here it is
  4. kekeke Link Mauve: it happens when I upgrade pycparser from 2.10 to 2.11
  5. Link Mauve Maybe because pyopenssl or cffi need to be upgraded as well?
  6. kekeke Link Mauve: I am just picking the versions that the repository is offering me, do you think the best person to bug about it would be the gajim buildscript maintainer then?
  7. Link Mauve Probably, he’ll redirect you to whoever is responsible for that issue.
  8. Link Mauve I’m on 2.12 btw.
  9. kekeke fine, i'll drop him a mail then, thanks
  10. Link Mauve cffi 0.9.2, cryptography 0.8.2 and pyopenssl 0.14.
  11. Link Mauve And here all of those together work fine.
  12. Link Mauve Also, tell him that Gajim 0.16.1 is out, likely fixing many bugs.
  13. kekeke will do, thanks
  14. Nothing4You is there any way that i can test for xep-0313 to be working? also, how do i configure it with gajim?
  15. Nothing4You it's MAM
  16. Link Mauve Try in the history manager, IIRC that’s where it is.
  17. pep. Gajim help center, Link Mauve speaking, what can I do for you?
  18. pep. :)
  19. Link Mauve :D
  20. Link Mauve It’s funny that I haven’t used Gajim in years. ^^'
  21. pep. What was the name of Gajim before gajim btw
  22. pep. It changed right? I used it a bit back then iirc
  23. Link Mauve Nope, it’s always been Gajim.
  24. pep. hmm
  25. Link Mauve You are confusing it with Gaim/Pidgin.
  26. pep. Ah, right
  27. pep. Gaim had similar colors to Gajim iirc :p
  28. pep. Not the purple it has now
  29. pep. Or I'm still confusing
  30. pep. Maybe amsn, if so nvm
  31. Link Mauve It was yellow, not green. :p
  32. pep. yeah, I still remember about the yellow
  33. Nothing4You damn it, again the problem with gajim hanging up when opening the available plugins dialog
  34. Nothing4You is there any way to install plugins w/o using the history manager?
  35. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8039 (Gajim hangs up "has stopped responding" when opening available plugins …) created Bug description I'm using a proxy to connect to the internet from my work pc. Internet connections without proxy are not possible on this machine. DNS needs to be resolved through proxy. If there's anything I can do to help debugging this, please let me know. Steps to reproduce Set up global proxy. In my c[…]
  36. Link Mauve Nothing4You, you can put the plugins in $XDG_DATA_HOME/gajim/plugins/ if you prefer.
  37. Link Mauve (~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/ by default.)
  38. Nothing4You where do i download them?
  39. Nothing4You also, do i need to restart gajim to load them?
  40. Link Mauve You can clone
  41. Nothing4You is there a generated zip/tarball download somewhere?
  42. Link Mauve No idea.
  43. Link Mauve Nothing4You, it’s easier to update them with hg than if you have to download a new taball every time.
  44. Nothing4You i don't want to update them regularly manually
  45. Nothing4You fix #8039 and i can install them regularly
  46. Link Mauve I’m not a Gajim dev. :(
  47. Nothing4You i know :P
  48. Nothing4You there is an "Install from zip" button in the plugin manager
  49. Nothing4You just no clue where to find those zips
  50. Nothing4You creating %appdata%\Gajim\Plugins and inserting the plugin directory there works
  51. Nothing4You but there is no history manager plugin
  52. Nothing4You where do i find the history manager?
  53. Nothing4You nevermind, just found it
  54. Nothing4You assuming that's what you mean
  55. Nothing4You Actions > Advanced > History manager
  56. Link Mauve Probably, yeah.
  57. Nothing4You that tool seems to be just for searching, exporting and deleting history
  58. Link Mauve So maybe I’m wrong.
  59. Link Mauve You are on Gajim 0.16.1, right?
  60. Nothing4You yes
  61. Nothing4You on windows
  62. Link Mauve I have never tried MAM, so I don’t know.
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