Gajim - 2015-04-29

  1. bullgard4 [Xubuntu d to what?14.04] Gajim 0.15.4 roster window shows in the bottom line my stats as "Available (desyc'ed)". What is here desynchronized to what?
  2. Link Mauve bullgard4, it’s when you have more than one account, and not all of them have the same status.
  3. bullgard4 Link Mauve, Thank you for explaining.
  4. moritz hi, i just upgraded my kubuntu to 15.04 (with plasma 5) and now i'm missing the gajim tray icon
  5. moritz is there a solution for that?
  6. moritz btw im using the latest daily snapshot
  7. Link Mauve AFAIK there is a plugin (Edit > Plugins) to add ayatena integration.
  8. Link Mauve But I never tried it.
  9. moritz there is one for the appindicator, but thats not working properly either ;-)
  10. Link Mauve Ah?
  11. moritz but with kubuntu 14.10. it worked well without the plugin
  12. Link Mauve Because I think KDE and Unity use the same dbus specification for their notification area.
  13. moritz notifications are working
  14. Link Mauve KDE 4.x was using Xembed, but it’s been deprecated for years.
  15. moritz but the tray icon is not ;-)
  16. Link Mauve The area containing those icons is named the notification area, not the tray.
  17. Link Mauve And KDE 5.x finally moved away from Xembed.
  18. moritz ah i see
  19. moritz weird workaround is:
  20. Link Mauve You will only push back the migration to a non-Xembed panel.
  21. Link Mauve It’s better to fix software now.
  22. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8038 (Error window shows up when chat window is opened) created Bug description "It is probably not fatal, but should be reported to the developers nonetheless." So I report. :-) An error window appears, but I can type anyway, can't see any other effects. The window is rather annoying though… :-) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handlerfunc?(se[…]
  23. moritz i agree, but i am not capable of ;-)
  24. Link Mauve You could start by reporting a bug, if trac isn’t too much of a bother.
  25. Link Mauve I don’t think anyone else already tested this plugin on KDE 5.x.
  26. moritz will do
  27. hi
  28. I have a problem with gajim : no notifications on gnome3
  29. is it a known problem ?
  30. Link Mauve Not that I know of, do you have the python2-dbus dependency and notification-daemon started?
  31. Nathan You need this shell extension: But it doesn't really work very well at all. You can make it work better at
  32. I'm not sure but I think this extensions is for having more advanced notifications in gnome3, like having the text of the message beeing displayed in gnome notifications
  33. my problem is, I don't even have basic notifications
  34. Nathan What do you mean with basic notifications, then?
  35. I don't have them
  36. I have nothing to warn me that a message arrived in Gajim
  37. Nathan Well that's what that extension is supposed to help out with, I think. If you have GNOME 3.16 you can go (in Gajim) to Preferences -> Notifications -> Show notification area icon -> Only when pending events, that'll make the Gajim logo pop up in the bottom left corner of the screen when you get a new message. (This technically works in previous versions of GNOME as well but those still have that dumb hidden bar at the bottom so you'd never notice you had a new message.)
  38. Nathan Also, how about sound notifications, if you can stand those?
  39. Nathan, Gajim produces the notification sound, yes
  40. Maranda Link Mauve, *eyes*
  41. Link Mauve Maranda, *nose*
  42. Maranda Link Mauve, I can't join you know where.... again :|
  43. Link Mauve I still haven’t found where that issue comes from, I’ll try to debug it later.
  44. Link Mauve For now, I have to send an email.