Gajim - 2015-04-28

  1. Nothing4You hey there
  2. Nothing4You it seems like there is a charset issue with chatlogs
  3. Nothing4You well, not sure about chatlogs, but at least history that is fetched from chatrooms is showing up wrong
  4. Nothing4You e.g. from this channel: ‎Gestern‎ [18:06:03] ‎spicewiesel‎: hehe ;)
  5. Link Mauve Can you report the bug?
  6. Nothing4You am i the first one to spot this? lol
  7. Nothing4You lemme check trac
  8. Nothing4You eh
  9. Nothing4You gotta create an account :/
  10. Link Mauve And fight the anti-spam? Good luck. :x
  11. Nothing4You captcha was 420
  12. Nothing4You Warning: Your permissions have been limited until you verify your email address.
  13. Nothing4You could have been too easy
  14. Nothing4You even though email is optional when registering
  15. Link Mauve ^^'
  16. Nathan It only says your email is optional, but if you leave it out you are forced to enter it anyway
  17. Nathan trac is awful
  18. Nothing4You indeed
  19. Nothing4You is the component for this chat or history?
  20. Link Mauve Do you see that encoding issue during a chat or in the history?
  21. Nothing4You history loaded from the xmpp server
  22. Nothing4You also, now that you say it, is there a way to automatically load history into a chat window when opening a conversation?
  23. Link Mauve Hmm, MAM should do it, you need to enable it on your server.
  24. Link Mauve It’ll be released in Prosody 0.10, I’m not sure for other servers.
  25. Nothing4You MAM?
  26. Link Mauve
  27. Nothing4You i was talking about clientside logs, although serverside logs would be awesome
  28. Link Mauve Ah, then I don’t know.
  29. Link Mauve Although… IIRC, Gajim only uses MAM to download the server-side logs into the local history.
  30. Nothing4You ok, so i guess there is no support for it currently
  31. Nothing4You i'll use history as the component then
  32. Nothing4You Submission rejected as potential spam
  33. Nothing4You seriously
  34. Nothing4You fucking trac
  35. Link Mauve ^^'
  36. Nothing4You finally
  37. Link Mauve It’s because so many spam has been posted.
  38. Nothing4You now i guess i'll just have to wait for prosody 0.10
  39. Nothing4You for proper history in non-muc
  40. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8037 (Charset issue with group chat history) created Bug description Gajim uses a wrong charset for messages recevied as group chat history. Example from gajim group chat: ‎Gestern‎ [18:06:03] ‎spicewiesel‎: hehe ;) "Gestern" = german for yesterday Steps to reproduce Join a group chat with history from the previous day. Software versions OS version: Windows 8.1 x64 GTK version: 2.24.10 PyGTK version: 2.24.0
  41. Natureshadow Die @DeutschePostDHL hat Weihnachtsbriefe aus #Wuppertal ausgeliefert: #post #briefe
  42. Natureshadow Benennen wir DHL in UDP um...
  43. xbright ach so
  44. Nothing4You is there a way to stop gajim from prompting me every time i change a status?
  45. Link Mauve IIRC you can save precompleted statuses, but I haven’t used Gajim in too long to remember how…
  46. Nothing4You i don't want a custom status, just a bare minimum "away" or "busy"
  47. Nothing4You no extra info with it
  48. Link Mauve Try /away perhaps.
  49. Link Mauve Or /status away.
  50. Link Mauve IIRC Gajim does support such commands.
  51. Nothing4You yes, that works
  52. Nothing4You would be nice if i wouldn't need to have open a chat for that
  53. Nothing4You /busy doesn't exist though
  54. Nothing4You /status dnd is it