Gajim - 2015-04-27

  1. Link Mauve bert, it’s the muc_restore_lines preference in the ACE, which defaults to 20.
  2. Link Mauve Prosody also stores 20 by default, but it’s configurable too.
  3. Link Mauve And I’ve heard it’s probably going to be replaced by mod_mam_muc at some point, which would then be queried by mod_muc for this history.
  4. bert Link Mauve: yeah, we found it
  5. bert we also found out that apparently mod_mam wasn't enabled
  6. Link Mauve mod_mam in Prosody is only for one to one chats, mod_mam_muc is for MUCs.
  7. bert it can be really difficult to find good info on XMPP, especially MUC
  8. bert Link Mauve: Aah, that's good to know, let me relay that
  9. Link Mauve This is mostly implementation dependent, so yeah. :/
  10. Link Mauve Also, there is no support for MAM on MUC in Gajim yet.
  11. bert Link Mauve: it's a debated topic here
  12. bert some say there is, some say there isn't
  13. bert so you're sure there's not?
  14. Link Mauve 98% sure.
  15. Link Mauve (Someone might have implemented that while I was away today. :D)
  16. bert Link Mauve: should I then make another bug report/feature request for that?
  17. Link Mauve Probably, yeah.
  18. bert cause all the reports concerning XEP 0313 then are about regular chat, I guess
  19. Link Mauve Yeah, as it’s the only usage mandated by the XEP.
  20. bert I was hoping for MUC as well based on
  21. Link Mauve MAM on MUC is just an extension from Prosody AFAIK, nothing standard.
  22. bert Link Mauve: oh, really?
  23. bert so the official spec basically doesn't give decent history sync to MUC?
  24. bert why is the XMPP foundation then claiming they can replace group chat stuff like skype and hangout when it comes to text...
  25. Link Mauve bert, note that the ticket you just linked only talks about private conversations in MUCs.
  26. Link Mauve So one to one.
  27. bert Link Mauve: Yeah, I missed that, my bad
  28. Link Mauve I don’t know, but the only difference between MAM and MAM on MUC is that the second one is stored on the MUC server, instead of on the user’s server.
  29. Link Mauve So it shouldn’t be hard to support.
  30. Link Mauve Just not done.
  31. Link Mauve So please open a bug report, and maybe Asterix will implement that when he’ll have time.
  32. Link Mauve Or if you want to contribute that feature, all the better. ^^
  33. bert Link Mauve: looking at the XEP it does seem to involve MUC as well
  34. bert Link Mauve: I'd love to, but I'm afraid my Python is to limited (for now)
  35. bert but if we actually get a decent setup working with our team I presume some of us will start contributing patches for features we like ;)
  36. Link Mauve Oh, 5.1.2, sorry then, I haven’t read that version of MAM yet.
  37. Link Mauve Damn, August, I’m so late…
  38. bert Link Mauve: has it been changing that much?
  39. Link Mauve No, but last time I read it there wasn’t that part on MUC.
  40. Link Mauve … or maybe there was.
  41. bert Link Mauve: lol :p
  42. Link Mauve I’ve been pretty much out of the loop, MAM-wise. ^^'
  43. bert Trac is being annoying with my registration by the way (cause I think I need to be logged in to be able to create a ticket)
  44. Link Mauve Ah, I remember Asterix making that harder since there has been a wave of spam bots. :/
  45. bert yeah, the captcha only works half the time
  46. bert and also, you guys are still using the old recaptcha
  47. bert the new one works a lot better
  48. Link Mauve It’s so annoying to find the right balance between user-accessible and a flood of spam. :/
  49. bert and I also like gitlab a lot more than trac, but that's just me of course :p
  50. Link Mauve Ah, I’ll tell Asterix, maybe this’ll help get a better ratio of real users vs. bots.
  51. bert Link Mauve: don't get me started, I'm from a student organisation running virtually free hosting for our university, spam is great...
  52. Link Mauve :D
  53. bert Link Mauve: would that be an enhancement?
  54. Link Mauve Yeah, probably.
  55. Link Mauve Enhancement is anything that isn’t currently in the code; bug is when there is a feature but it doesn’t work as it should.
  56. bert Link Mauve:
  57. bert wasn't really sure how to decribe it
  58. bert so I sorta guessed :P
  59. Link Mauve That should be ok. ^^
  60. bert Link Mauve: cool
  61. bert now I just need to hope Asterix is very very bored tomorrow :p
  62. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8036 (Support for XEP-0313 in MUCs) created Prosody now has support for XEP-0313 in MUCs, meaning XMPP is getting close to finally being a killer for proprietary group chat clients. So yeah, basically it would be great if Gajim could support groupchat history syncing. ​
  63. bert yeah, I know, bot :p
  64. Link Mauve He’s pretty much overworked AFAIK. :/
  65. bert Link Mauve: oh, that's not very good :(
  66. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #102 (URL Image Preview plugin improvement) created problem Images are added in front of links, this doesn't look good and makes messages look stretched. enhancement recommendation I think there are two ways to solve this: put the image below the link, or even better replace the link with the image and let the image function as the link.
  67. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8035 (URL Image Preview plugin improvement) closed invalid: I have sent a ticket ​#102. Please ask for an account at Gajim chat room
  68. vetetix Hi, I have a problem : gajim-remote doesn't see that gajim is running
  69. vetetix vetetix@shaman:~$ gajim-remote check_gajim_running False
  70. vetetix what could be the source of the problem?
  71. vetetix I'm on Ubuntu 15.04, gajim 0.16
  72. vetetix I found the problem: gajim-remote (remote control) is not activated by default in the advanced settings tab
  73. Darlan It appears Asterix has blocked account registration at Gajim trac-plugins. Do you think there should be a message in registration trac pages which says that registration via trac is disabled, and refer users to Gajim group chat to ask for an account?
  74. henk output after changing the loglevel as suggested to me hee recently, related to
  75. henk s/hee/here/
  76. spicewiesel SamWhited, hi
  77. SamWhited spicewiesel: Hi there
  78. spicewiesel Sorry for the late answer, too much work and earlier today the conversations muc vanished :)
  79. SamWhited spicewiesel‎: Answer? No worries; if I asked someting, I forgot about it :)
  80. spicewiesel hehe ;)