Gajim - 2015-04-25

  1. Maranda Link Mauve, please kick the outgoing stream to on, it's stoned.
  2. Link Mauve There: s2s:close('', '') | Closing connection from to [s2sinffdaa70] | OK: Closed 1 s2s session
  3. Link Mauve The outgoing one didn’t exist.
  4. Maranda Link Mauve, pft you're not dialing back >_>
  5. Link Mauve I’m not?
  6. Maranda Nope
  7. Link Mauve That’s strange.
  8. Maranda Thou art timing out somewhere.
  9. Maranda brb
  10. Link Mauve :/
  11. Link Mauve I’m going to try to sleep, I’m totally incapable to debug that tonight, sorry.
  12. rhn hi! is there a setting that notifies me when someone removes me from their roster, but keeps the contact on my roster?
  13. rhn in other words, how to make contacts never disappear silently?
  14. Link Mauve rhn, I don’t think they’d disappear silently, you got a dialog box asking you if you wanted to remove them or to keep them in your roster.
  15. rhn nope, I just checked that - by removing my one account from my other one
  16. Link Mauve Remember that someone who removed you from their roster will always appear offline, so display offline people (in the View menu).
  17. rhn Link Mauve, I do remember it used to ask though
  18. rhn is it a bug then?
  19. Link Mauve I don’t think this got removed, so probably.
  20. rhn let's try with newest checkout...
  21. Link Mauve The default branch of the hg repository is a bit unmaintained, so run `hg up gajim_0.16` in the repository to be on the latest 0.16 revision.
  22. Link Mauve The default branch is where the switch to python3, gtk3, gobject-introspection, gst1.x, etc. happened.
  23. rhn oh, I didn't know Gajim will be using py3k, I'm still using some version of 0.16 from the repos
  24. Link Mauve It can’t stay on 2.7 forever. ^^
  25. rhn wise words
  26. rhn bad luck, syntax errors... I guess I just file a bug
  27. Link Mauve If you are on branch gajim_0.16 you still need python2.
  28. Link Mauve It’s only on the default branch that you need python3.
  29. rhn Link Mauve, both python versions gave syntax errors
  30. Link Mauve Weird.
  31. Link Mauve Hmm, do you have an up to date nbxmpp too?
  32. rhn since I don't know what it is, I guess not
  33. Link Mauve It’s the XMPP library Gajim uses.
  34. rhn is it not bundled?
  35. Link Mauve
  36. Link Mauve AFAIK no.
  37. rhn oh, Python3 works, I was just stupid
  38. rhn still doesn't run:
  39. Link Mauve Wut, that’s weird, try removing the star before pixs on that line.
  40. Link Mauve I just tried in a python console and I don’t see how that could work.
  41. Link Mauve Ah, you already have Gajim running, so probably that code isn’t much tested.
  42. rhn yes, I figured I will at least test the basics before I go offline
  43. rhn no notification, nothing...
  44. rhn I don't think I'll be able to run it:
  45. rhn now, how do I recover my trac username? I remember my email address, but the usual users don't work
  46. Link Mauve I don’t know, sorry.
  47. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8033 (Contacts disappear without warning) created Bug description When you are removed from a contact's roster, their contact on your roster disappears silently. Steps to reproduce Have a contact in your roster, with subscription both ways. Have the contact remove you from roster. Outcome The entry corresponding to the contact disappears. Expected outcome A notification about being re[…]
  48. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  49. rhn no problem!
  50. Maranda Link Mauve, can't still enter tatoeba :O
  51. Maranda Link Mauve, nm