Gajim - 2015-04-24

  1. Nathan Okay, I've translated most of Gajim in Dutch, can I just send a link to the updated .po in here? The mailing list looks extremely dead.
  2. Link Mauve I think the ML would still be the best place for that.
  3. Nathan Thanks, I'll do that then.
  4. Link Mauve And thanks for the translation. :)
  5. Link Mauve Woah, it was the locale with the least number of strings translated!
  6. Nathan Yeah, I was surprised myself, usually Dutch is one of the first languages to be completely translated, but it seems not many Dutch speakers jumped on this beast haha
  7. Nathan Two questions/requests for the URL Image Preview plugin, which is pretty nifty: - could the image be put below the link (or replace the link, but I suppose that could be tricky if there is other text in the message) instead of in front of it? I think it would look a lot better. - could the animation in animated GIFs be supported? Currently only the first frame shows up.
  8. Darlan Nathan, please compress your PO file before you send it to list, next time.
  9. Nathan Darlan: how/why should I do that?
  10. Link Mauve gzip file.po
  11. Link Mauve And then send the file.po.gz file.
  12. Link Mauve You may want to use xz to achieve a better compression ratio, but I doubt it matters much.
  13. Nathan Oh so just compress it in an archive, but why? It's only 300kB uncompressed anyway.
  14. mathieui 300kB on a mailing-list is a lot.
  15. Nathan Okay, will do next time then. I'm used to the FSFE mailing list where nothing is compressed.
  16. mathieui well, the impact depends of how many people are subscribed
  17. Darlan And, of course, thank you for your contribution, Nathan :-)
  18. Nathan Oh, right, I forgot the file needs to be resent to all subscribers.
  19. mathieui But yes, 300kB is not the end of the world and thank you for your contribution ^^
  20. Darlan Many people do not compress translation, log and other sort of files, but it is a good practice to do so.
  21. Darlan Many people do not compress translation, log and other sort of plain text files, but it is a good practice to do so.
  22. Nothing4You hey
  23. Nothing4You "This icon indicates that this message has not yet been received by the remote end. If this icon stays for a long time, it's likely that the message got lost."
  24. Nothing4You i keep getting that for messages to a specific contact even though he receives them
  25. Nothing4You any ideas?
  26. Nothing4You suddenly now the newly sent messages start showing green ticks
  27. Nothing4You nothing changed
  28. Link Mauve There was probably a temporary connection issue between his server and yours.
  29. Nothing4You i had two clients connected, both gajim
  30. Nothing4You had that for hours
  31. Nothing4You now that i got home and my work client isn't connected anymore
  32. Nothing4You the first message still had a red cross
  33. Nothing4You all messages after that show green ticks
  34. Nothing4You he confirmed receiving the messages i sent that were showing red ticks in the same conversation
  35. Nothing4You wouldn't a connection issue interrupt more than just those confirmations?
  36. Link Mauve Probably, yeah.
  37. Link Mauve But sometimes it’s possible for a connection to only work in one direction.
  38. Nothing4You he was answering me via jabber
  39. Nothing4You that he received my messages
  40. Link Mauve Hmm, then I don’t know.