Gajim - 2015-04-23

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  2. Darlan Link Mauve, are you awake?
  3. Link Mauve Yes.
  4. Darlan Do you know the menu button (aka super menu) of web browsers such as Midori and QupZilla which appears when menu bar is hidden?
  5. Link Mauve I don’t use either of those, sorry.
  6. Darlan Then of FF.
  7. Darlan Since version 30, I guess.
  8. Link Mauve Which button then?
  9. Darlan I will post a screenshot.
  10. Darlan Screenshot
  11. Link Mauve Ok.
  12. Darlan I was thinking of using that type of menu in Gajim chat window, instead of most the buttons we currently have at bottom, under buffer/input field. Three buttons: Menu, Formatting, and Smiles.
  13. Link Mauve I hate GUI design, I’m really not the person to ask that to.
  14. Darlan Ok.
  15. Darlan xbright, bonjour!
  16. xbright ?
  17. xbright Darlan, bonjour