Gajim - 2015-04-22

  1. henk hi
  2. henk Is there ever gonna happen anything about ? It’s rather annoying and I want to get rid of it one way or another …
  3. Link Mauve henk, what is the issue exactly, you’d prefer it to output those warnings on stderr?
  4. henk Link Mauve, errrr, no? I’d prefer it if this issue did not create so much load that my system can barely do anything else. I also consider more than one message per second to be unnecessary spamming, and that’s way more than that …
  5. henk or, well, you know, if the issue wasn’t there to begin with …
  6. Link Mauve Reading the nbxmpp code, this warning is here when send() is called with nothing to send.
  7. Link Mauve But huh, that really loads your system that much? Just by enabling warnings? :/
  8. Link Mauve Try setting the logging level to info or critical.
  9. Link Mauve Hmm, Gajim never calls logging.basicConfig.
  10. mathieui there are other ways to setup logging than logging.basicConfig.
  11. mathieui especially since basicConfig is really limited
  12. henk Yes, at least one core is at 100%. And you see what happens to STDOUT. This prevents me from running gajim via the menu because that would cause my ~/.xsession-errors to fill my homedirectory and thereby crash other stuff.
  13. Link Mauve Ah, it does setLevel.
  14. henk i.e.: this issue is a major nuisance and kinda made me stop using jabber regularly. I don’t like that, so if I can’t find a solution soon, I’ll just have to switch clients /-:
  15. Link Mauve henk, in src/common/ remplace both root_log.setLevel(logging.WARNING) to root_log.setLevel(logging.CRITICAL).
  16. henk Link Mauve, That might help, but it’s a workaround for my situation, while I need a solution.
  17. Link Mauve Sure, but I’d like to know if your issue comes from logging itself or some other problem.
  18. henk Link Mauve, Sorry, I can’t help with that.
  19. Link Mauve Well, try this change, and then report if it improved anything. ^^
  20. mathieui yes, since the warning only appears if an empty send() was done, the worrying thing is that it seems to be called thousand times a second
  21. Link Mauve Yeah.
  22. henk Link Mauve, ok, will do when I find the time, which might be some time around 2024 considering how it’s going right now.
  23. Link Mauve ^^'
  24. Holger henk: So you won't have time to edit two lines for the next decade, while at the same time complaining that people haven't fixed your issue yet? ;-)
  25. henk Holger, oh, sorry, did I complain about people? I actually only wanted to complain about the issue and try to find a solution without having to invest any time. Because I have no time ATM. I’m pissed by the bug and how it is handled. I’m sorry I don’t have >10 hours left to invest in a bug in a software I barely use or know. And I have already invested quite a few hours. Were I running gentoo, changing two lines would be something different, I guess, but I’m running debian and for a good reason. I’m not a dev and I’m not interested in wasting an hour just to get a build env for gajim running. Sorry, I just don’t have the time, especially not right now.
  26. Nathan You literally need to spend two seconds to edit those lines
  27. Nathan What are you complaining about
  28. henk Nathan, About people who do not read, amongst other things. Read what I said and where I’d probably have to invest an hour or more. Also: You don’t know my life, so please don’t judge me.
  29. Holger henk: So you're not only pissed by the bug but also by "how it is handled". I guess developers might just "don't have >10 hours left to invest in a bug" they haven't seen themselves, that's all.
  30. Link Mauve henk, Gajim is written in Python, no need to compile anything.
  31. Link Mauve Just open your text editor, modify those lines, and close/reopen Gajim.
  32. Holger henk: And you can edit those lines as a Debian user in just the same way.
  33. Nathan Hahaha when did I even mention anything about your life? It literally takes two seconds to edit those lines, not an hour or more.
  34. Link Mauve Also, note that no Gajim developer is here right now.
  35. Holger Yes, good point. I'm not affiliated with Gajim at all.
  36. Nathan Just for the record, me neither.
  37. henk Holger, ok, and?
  38. henk Link Mauve, Holger: ok, so I can do the changes in my system. Sorry, I did not know that. I thought I needed to rebuild it.
  39. henk Nathan, ^
  40. henk The problem is: I have no way to reproduce the issue, so this is not going to help at all …
  41. Link Mauve Oh, this is bothersome.
  42. Link Mauve Is it related to a loss of connection, or a suspend, or something like that?
  43. Link Mauve Because setting the logging levels to critical would make it so it won’t fill your ~/.xsession-errors, but not in any way fix the underlying issue.
  44. henk 'shrug' I have no idea … I’m suspecting a combination of suspend to ram, WLAN connection, and GPG.
  45. henk ack, it probably only fixes a symptom, not the problem …
  46. Link Mauve Yeah.