Gajim - 2015-04-20

  1. DeadEye Hi guys. I'm chatting with a man uing Gajim and I wanna use OTR. Does Gajim support OTR?
  2. DeadEye When I try to start the OTR conversation, he gets a warning about OTR-non-support.
  3. mathieui use the OTR plugin?
  4. SouL That sounds like he is using the plugin but you don't.
  5. DeadEye SouL: /me uses the plugin, he doesn't (if it's really a plugin for Gajim)
  6. SouL Ah well, sorry then.
  7. Link Mauve DeadEye, it is, available in the plugin manager.
  8. DeadEye Link Mauve: great :3 /me will ask to install it, then
  9. الآسـبـ Hallo
  10. الآسـبـ Hi
  11. الآسـبـ </3
  12. consus Hi guys. Is it possible to force gajim to set urgency hint on the first message in a conversation? It works just fine for the second one and so on, but not for the first. I'm using gajim 0.16.1.
  13. 007 .a.
  14. consus .a?