Gajim - 2015-04-18

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8031 (Message carbon: do not notify carboned messages) created Bug description When two clients, Gajim and another client, are online, the non Gajim client sends out a message would notify the gajim message like a normal incoming message. Steps to reproduce Log in the same account with gajim and an arbitrary client C. The server and client C must have XEP 0280 enabled. Use C to send out a message. The gajim […]
  2. guybrush88 hi guys, apparently is down right now, dunno other places where to report that
  3. mathieui yes, asterix’s server seems to be down
  4. mathieui oh, it’s on the same server as this MUC
  5. mathieui so only HTTP, then
  6. spicewiesel It works for me
  7. mathieui it’s back on, yes
  8. guybrush88 thanks for your answers, guys
  9. 007 <stream:error> <conflict xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams"/> <text xml:lang="en" xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams">Replaced by new connection</text> </stream:error>
  10. 007 someone help me, with this error my Id getting disconnected again and again
  11. Link Mauve 007, you are trying to connect from another client using the same resource.
  12. 007 no i am not
  13. Link Mauve In Edit > Accounts, select your account and change the Resource field to something else.
  14. Link Mauve Anything would do, like your computer name, Gajim-2, anything.
  15. 007 em done
  16. 007 changed resource 3 times
  17. Link Mauve Hmm, maybe you didn’t disconnect properly (that can happen when you suspend your computer, or get out of range of your access point, or shutdown it unproperly) and when you came back you started a new connection and kicked the previous one.
  18. 007 yes
  19. 007 exactly
  20. 007 so how to fix it ?
  21. Link Mauve Always disconnect properly. ^^
  22. Link Mauve Or ask your server administator to enable Stream Management, so you can reconnect neatly after a short disconnection.
  23. 007 how if i block my ID for some time ?
  24. 007 It will be disconnected from everywhere .
  25. Link Mauve What do you mean?
  26. 007 i mean , it's happening on Nimbuzz
  27. 007 and i have a xml to block my ID for 30 mints
  28. Link Mauve I don’t understand.
  29. 007 Nimbuzz is an app for mobile and PC users
  30. 007 and it own chat room,
  31. 007 i am using Gajim to connect my Nimbuzz ID