Gajim - 2015-04-17

  1. louiz’ first on google :o
  2. Darlan results are firsts at
  3. Darlan louiz’, in concern to a quote by tim under *What people said*, "I really dont like irc, but sometimes I have to use it and biboumi makes it as painless as possible for me. --tim", even though it might be true, and, certainly is genuine, I do not think it is a good press to include quotes with negative phrases or words (do not).
  4. louiz’ why not?
  5. Darlan Because there is a negative word in it; I would prefer to read something like this: I really did not like to use irc over xmpp, until I have tried out biboumi which makes irc as painless as possible for me. --tim
  6. Darlan It is not look good to display this for non-techie people, but maybe non-techie users are a target audience of biboumi, though.
  7. louiz’ But he didn’t say that. And I don’t see the difference. He doesn’t like IRC, but when he has to use it, biboumi makes it as painless as possible
  8. louiz’ I don’t see why it’s not good to say that someone doesn’t like IRC
  9. Darlan Using something one do not like, does not make a good impression, I think.
  10. Darlan Using something one does not like, does not make a good impression, I think.
  11. louiz’ what :-/
  12. louiz’ He says he does not like IRC, but he likes biboumi
  13. Darlan I understand.
  14. Darlan Example: I do not like to live with my parents and be beaten up by them, but a special medical ointment by Biboumi Ltd. makes the pain as painless as possible for me, and so my stay is more tolerable ever since.
  15. louiz’ then Biboumi Ltd. is cool
  16. louiz’ and their special medical ointment is useful
  17. Darlan Okay :-)
  18. Darlan So, at least, add some good word on XMPP in this sentence.
  19. louiz’ (also the quotes are just here because I think they are funny, I don’t care if it makes a good press or not. Like the quote from me is just a joke, and the quote from too)
  20. louiz’ like what? :s
  21. Darlan It makes my experience over XMPP...
  22. louiz’ he didn’t say that either
  23. Darlan It makes a marvelous experience over XMPP
  24. Darlan Ask him if he would agree with some positive sentence about XMPP.
  25. louiz’ no
  26. Link Mauve Darlan, I don’t think it needs any good press.
  27. Link Mauve Non-techies, as you say, are *far* from being the target audience.
  28. Link Mauve If they end up using something else because of marketing, then it’s all for the best.
  29. Link Mauve SamWhited, is fixed in 3.16.2. :)
  30. Darlan What does JabberTracScript do? See