Gajim - 2015-04-16

  1. Nothing4You hi
  2. Nothing4You i just installed the latest version
  3. Nothing4You set up a proxy in global settings
  4. Nothing4You and when i go to plugins and the available tab it just freezes
  5. Nothing4You on another system without proxy it works fine
  6. Darlan Nothing4You, please run from terminal "gajim -v>gajim.log.", repeat your actions, and upload gajim.log to some website or paste its content at <>.
  7. friendlyguy hi there! I'm running 0.16.1 on windows, and I'm trying desperately to get an irc transport working. is somebody in here using an irc transport?
  8. Darlan What is the address of the IRC transport that you are using?
  9. friendlyguy irc.myserver.tld
  10. Nothing4You Darlan, what would i do on windows?
  11. Nothing4You just the same with the .exe?
  12. Darlan Yes, I think.
  13. Darlan friendlyguy, add irc.myserver.tld to your roster. Be sure /View/Show Transports/ is checked.
  14. friendlyguy Darlan, thanks. i can see the transport in my contact list, and irc.myserver.tld is listed as "jabber-ID" if i show information
  15. Darlan Right click on irc.myserver.tld /Manage Transport/Modify Transport (I am not sure of the exact text, I use a non-English interface)
  16. vorner friendlyguy: Literally „irc.myserver.tld“, or „replace myserver.tld with something I haven't specified“?
  17. Darlan friendlyguy, follow this conversation
  18. Darlan If you would not solve this, please ask.
  19. friendlyguy vorner, i just replaced my real domain and tld with myserver.tld
  20. vorner OK, just checking O:-)
  21. friendlyguy Darlan, I'm currently reading over the link you send to me
  22. friendlyguy uuu
  23. friendlyguy i'll try the notation pointed out there
  24. Nothing4You on windows the .exe just detached from cmd, so there's no use for that
  25. Nothing4You with bin/gajim.exe
  26. friendlyguy but... i have no parameters field
  27. friendlyguy there is only username, password and nickname. if i fill in those, i get a successfull registration and some messages from freenode ident
  28. friendlyguy but: i'm unable to connect to any channel on freenode
  29. friendlyguy darlan, how can i get the "parameters"-field?
  30. Darlan Try to right click on irc.myserver.tld /Manage Transport/Modify Transport (I am not sure of the exact text, I use a non-English interface)
  31. friendlyguy yeah
  32. Darlan Or use the Discover Service dialog as described in chat log.
  33. friendlyguy Darlan, if i do this i get a windows with 3 fields" username, password and nickname"
  34. friendlyguy there is no field "parameters"
  35. Darlan Then do it from Discover Service dialog
  36. friendlyguy Darlan, it's the same if i open it through discover service
  37. friendlyguy darlan, this is how it looks here
  38. Darlan I try to check against an IRC transport, but my server seems to have an issue connecting with other servers.
  39. Darlan friendlyguy, try against
  40. friendlyguy hmmm
  41. friendlyguy i managed to brick gajim ~1000 errors like: File "src\", line 2044, in _on_window_motion_notify AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'jid' need to restart my client
  42. friendlyguy back again, needed to kill gajim task
  43. friendlyguy Darlan, okay, now i got a different window, one with "parameters" string
  44. friendlyguy Darlan, if i use but i would prefer to use my own :)
  45. friendlyguy right now i'm using kraken for transports... maybe i should switch to spectrum as well
  46. Darlan Install whatever has installed on their server for transport. I think Link Mauve would help you more than I can on this matter. Please wait when he is available. You may also ask at
  47. Darlan Maybe, yes.
  48. Link Mauve Huh?
  49. friendlyguy no problem at all :)
  50. Link Mauve I don’t know anything about IRC transports, aside from the fact that biboumi is better than all of the other ones.
  51. friendlyguy I'll do a quick snapshot of my xmpp vm and try it :)
  52. Darlan Do you have a link to biboumi?
  53. Link Mauve Darlan,
  54. Link Mauve Second result on ddg, first if you count their partnership with github.