Gajim - 2015-04-15

  1. SamWhited On Wayland systems Gdk.Screen.height_mm() returns 0 which causes a divide by 0 error in htmltextview and crashes the GTK3 branch. I've got a work around, but I feel like there should be fallback behavior as well; anyone have thoughts on what that shoud be?
  2. SamWhited Thought about manually setting display_resolution to a reasonable value if an exception was raised, but that also seems poor.
  3. SamWhited err, on the 0.16 branch rather.
  4. Link Mauve Huh, that would be a bug in gtk3, since wl_output’s geometry event has a physical_width and a physical_height arguments.
  5. Link Mauve Perhaps upgrade your gtk3?
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7483 (Shield button is absent) updated Replying to afflux: Noted! I'll hopefully get to fixing it in the coming days. This bug still exists in Gajim 0.16.1 (OTR plugin version 1.7.7). Any chance that it is going to be fixed?
  7. Link Mauve I can reproduce the issue with GTK+ 3.16.2, but I think this should be solved in GTK+ itself.
  8. Link Mauve But the code is likely wrong, what if the user has multiple screens with a very different pixel size?
  9. Link Mauve Even on my pretty standard netbook + external screen setup, I have that issue: >>> 0.3514598 * 768 / 140 1.9280080457142856 >>> 0.3514598 * 1200 / 330 1.2780356363636363
  10. Link Mauve
  11. SamWhited Link Mauve: Yah, tweaking the code to take the current monitor into account seems like it should be done anyways (and it appears to work if you do that)
  12. Link Mauve The current monitor?
  13. Link Mauve What about when the window is present on multiple monitors?
  14. SamWhited not sure how GTK handles that actually
  15. Link Mauve Imo, we shouldn’t rely on that, and instead only use the scale event of the wl_output.
  16. Link Mauve Or just let GTK+ render at the size it sees fit.
  17. SamWhited agreed on both counts
  18. SamWhited (err, either way, I mean)
  19. Link Mauve I have an issue with embedded image scaling too, I’m not sure what should be done here.
  20. Link Mauve Especially emoticons.
  21. Link Mauve The Twemoji set works fine on hidpi outputs (scale=2), but Gajim doesn’t rescale them to a reasonable size even though they are SVG.