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  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #109 (My On The Internet Loans Individual Encounter) created Bad credit loans ought to be your option when you are not getting a new loan from other sources. These loans are intended to provide adequate money to the people when they require to borrow for specific or diverse purposes. Therefore even if you are having a bad credit background and reduced credit score rating, you can borrow funds of your necessity via these types of[…][…]
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #110 (Personal Loans For Bad Credit Score: The Best Way To Safe Cash) created Poor credit loans might appear like an enormous squander of cash but for these with low credit scores,[…] • Ticket #111 (Finding A Poor Credit Personal Loan) created You can certainly get a house with bad credit, but you are going to have to discover the funding through non traditional loan distributors. Conventional bank[…] https://trac-plugins[…]
  26. Darlan You beat me to it, Asterix.
  27. Asterix I'm really annoyed. I'll close registration again ...
  28. Darlan Is there a ticket on trac project for moderation feature/plugin?
  29. Asterix plugins are there:
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  31. Darlan Asterix, captcha images used by Trac Hacks seems to be tolerable
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  35. Darlan When an unprivileged user submits a ticket or ticket comment, their submission is recorded in a "moderation queue" and is not visible on the main Trac site until a Moderator reviews their submission and accepts it. Accepted submissions are then inserted into the main Trac ticket database.
  36. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #102 (Older Ladies And Younger Males Relationships) created We now live in an age where it's turning into tougher and harder to satisfy new people and go out on dates. The reality of the matter is that we're operating more while taking part in less, and it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. With the introduction of online dating, more and much more busy people are discovering the time they require to meet new people and to get[…] https://trac-plugins.gajim.[…]
  37. Asterix ok so that + no registration
  38. Darlan I am willing to approve comments/tickets if you want me to.
  39. Asterix sure
  40. Asterix not maintained for 3 years ...
  41. Darlan Trac Hacks really need to sort up their websites and/or directories. I needed to query a search engine in order to find it, I did not find anything at
  42. Asterix nor did I ... weird
  43. Darlan There is ticket #5227, probably in concern to TicketModeratorPlugin, which is vague to me. Maybe you want to read this (Support of ticket moderation).
  44. Asterix ok registration closed, plugin installed and you are moderator
  45. Darlan Great :-)
  46. Asterix need to be tested ...
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  48. Asterix time to eat, you can test and tell me if it's ok?
  49. Darlan Sure.
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  51. Darlan If I will delete it, would you be able to recover it?
  52. Darlan Title: Too Too Doo Doo Doo; Comment: Dueby Dueby Doo
  53. Darlan I can not delete. I can reject. I do not see a button to accept after I reject a submission.
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  60. Asterix in the ticket they were talking about tickets comming by email
  61. Darlan It is good IP addresses can be seen only at trac, and not in email notifications!