Gajim - 2015-04-09

  1. mélodie hello!
  2. Darlan Welcome to Gajim, mélodie :-)
  3. mélodie hi Darlan
  4. mélodie I would like to learn how to create a salon. Gajim allows video conferences, right?
  5. Link Mauve mélodie, you just have to join it, on a server that allows creation; but no video conference with many people in a MUC, yet.
  6. mélodie what is "MUC" ?
  7. Link Mauve A salon, like you said.
  8. Darlan Multi-User Chat
  9. mélodie and what about just a few users, would then video conferences be possible?
  10. mélodie between 2 and 10 users for instance
  11. Darlan I think not. According to there is not support for XEP-0272: Multiparty Jingle (Muji).
  12. Darlan
  13. mélodie ok, thanks
  14. Darlan It appears, based on the results at <>, that there is not yet an alternative implementation standard for video conference.
  15. 0xAFFE mélodie: IIRC there is only web based video conference yet:
  16. mélodie hi 0xAFFE
  17. mélodie I look
  18. 0xAFFE talky is based on xmpp
  19. 0xAFFE so its somewhat related to gajim ;-)
  20. mélodie that looks great!
  21. mélodie thanks a lot for the pointer
  22. Link Mauve There is also Jitsi, if you want a desktop client.
  23. mélodie Link Mauve, Jitsi ?
  24. mélodie 1 aur/jitsi 2.8.5426-1 (277) An audio/video SIP VoIP phone and instant messenger written in Java (formerly SIP-Communicator)
  25. mélodie aha
  26. Link Mauve This one, yeah.
  27. mélodie is it video capable for conferences?
  28. mélodie we have this course every 2 saturdays, to learn the LPI things to go to the LPIC exams and we can't always all be there, so... I suggested something of the kind but they have not made their mind or setup a convenient tool yet
  29. mélodie I wonder if it is available in all distributions: is it in the debian and ubuntu repos as well?
  30. mélodie I think one of the guys might use Suse as well
  31. mélodie compiling now
  32. Link Mauve mélodie, oh, so it’s an one-to-many usecase you want?
  33. mélodie Link Mauve, might be
  34. mélodie one teaching and the few others attending and asking questions from time to time
  35. Link Mauve Ah, ok.
  36. mélodie I don't really know how video meetings work, never had a chance to use it yet
  37. Link Mauve I never tried either.
  38. mélodie I've seen Jitsi is a Java app: usually their fonts look super ugly in Linux distros. Do you have a hint to fix that? (Asking just incase)
  39. arcade get more fonts...
  40. arcade mostly Linux distros don't care about fonts, and java doesn't like modern TTF fonts
  41. Link Mauve I don’t use Java, so I can’t tell.
  42. arcade you can use `xfontsel` to browse fonts the way java see them
  43. arcade then for gtk2 you can specify default font for non-ttf programs
  44. mélodie arcade, ok, I look
  45. mélodie well I'm not going to install Jitsi, this is what I get after compiling while checking with namcap:
  46. mélodie
  47. mélodie is someone here keen enough to remind me the difference between 64bits capable cpu and x86_64 cpus?
  48. Link Mauve mélodie, those errors might be because they are plugins, and not strictly needed for its execution.
  49. Link Mauve (I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, I never tried Jitsi here.)
  50. mélodie Link Mauve, never mind, I'm not too attracted by java apps anyway
  51. Link Mauve And x86_64 is the name of an ISA, while 64-bit capable (x86) CPU means it can use that ISA but your OS might not be a proper x86_64 one.
  52. Link Mauve Heh. ^^
  53. mélodie Link Mauve, I didn't get it. :/
  54. Link Mauve Basically they are the same thing.
  55. mélodie aren't ISA buses old stuff that aren't used anymore?
  56. Link Mauve I meant ISA as in instruction set architecture.
  57. Link Mauve What the CPU will be decoding to execute instructions.
  58. Link Mauve The only other ISA available on modern x86 CPUs is i686, which is 32-bit and pretty much deprecated at this point.
  59. arcade That's partly wrong. There are two major ISA's - Intel 86 and AMD 64. There's also a very lengthy list of extensions. i686 by itself is just Intel 86 with an another list of extensions, capping list of supported CPUs.
  60. arcade Nothing stops you using newer extensions like SSE4 or FMA with Intel 86 ISA.
  61. Link Mauve arcade, i686 is the 32-bit ISA supported by all of the modern amd64 CPUs, I haven’t heard of any new extension for it, or anything missing.
  62. Link Mauve Any new SSE or AVX is missing from there, because there is no point anymore.
  63. arcade i686 is a linux name for all CPUs after Pentium 4, but they are not equal
  64. Link Mauve Anything starting from the Pentium 2, AFAIK.
  65. Link Mauve Plus extensions, indeed.
  66. Link Mauve SSE and SSE2 mainly.
  67. Link Mauve But well, the question was mostly about what an ISA is, I didn’t want to enter too much into those details. ^^
  68. arcade on Pentium 2 there was no SSE2 or SSE, only MMX
  69. Link Mauve Yeah.
  70. arcade Pentium 2 was i586
  71. Link Mauve Nope, this is the Pentium and Pentium MMX.
  72. Link Mauve i585, like Pentium. :)
  73. Link Mauve And then they stopped incrementing their ISA name, instead adding extension over extension.
  74. arcade yep, I was wrong. Pentium 2 - i686, Pentium 4 - i786
  75. Link Mauve Oh, I never heard of NetBurst being called i786.
  76. 0xAFFE still some time till we reach 8086 again
  77. mélodie leaving, thanks and keep on well!
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