Gajim - 2015-04-07

  1. Holger thomas: You could enable the XML console before going online and then check for any of the messages you'd expect to receive via MAM (e.g., a message that was sent from another resource of the same account while Gajim was offline).
  2. Holger thomas: You could also search for 'last_mam_id' in the Advanced Configuration Editor and see whether any value is set, there.
  3. Holger thomas: FWIW, MAM works for me in Gajim; but the fact that actual chat windows aren't updated with MAM messages limits its use a bit.
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #102 (How To Handle Every Removing Skin Tags Challenge With Ease Using These …) created Did you know that skin tags, once they appear, will stay until you do something about them? They might even grow bigger but they will not fall off on their own. But, you'll need to take caution here as well. You may read web pages that have silly suggestions on the right way to ​how to remove skin tags on eyelids. You'll find suggestions like using na[…] https://trac-plugins.g[…]
  5. daurnimator so today I can't log into my gmail account anymore... :(
  6. daurnimator does gajim have a google-token plugin?
  7. Darlan daurnimator, did you search for a gtalk/hangouts XMPP transport?
  8. Darlan daurnimator, has a Gtalk transport ( I guess other servers would again provide transports for Google IM de-service.
  9. Darlan daurnimator, since Google disconnected c2s, does this mean that you can not get email notifications with Gajim anymore?
  10. Darlan #7469
  11. Darlan #7469
  12. Darlan bot, ping.
  13. daurnimator Darlan, they still allow xmpp. they just disallowed PLAIN sasl.
  14. Darlan Then use a transport; though, I assume, the connection between them and transport would also not be with PLAIN sasl.
  15. Darlan Do you still get Email notifications from them in Gajim?
  16. daurnimator huh?
  17. daurnimator Darlan, I'm here because I was hoping gajim had a timeline for adding X-OATH2 or X-GOOGLETOKEN sasl support
  18. Darlan There is an option to check GMail emails
  19. Darlan I think there is an OATH2 support in Gajim.
  20. Link Mauve I think I’m just going to enable encryption on my server, then.
  21. Link Mauve So long gmail, and thanks for all the fish.
  22. Thomas Whouh
  23. Thomas Did I just read, there are gtalk transports?
  24. Thomas I thought, google disconnected all the xmpp stuff
  25. Thomas Can I talk to hangouts users via xmpp?
  26. Darlan Thomas, yes, when transports would be available.
  27. Darlan The transport of may not work, if it is old.
  28. daurnimator Link Mauve, huh? you can still use gmail to talk
  29. daurnimator they just changed the SASL mechanism
  30. daurnimator Thomas, yes they still have xmpp.
  31. Thomas I run a ejabberd server. Can I install a gtalk transport?
  32. Link Mauve daurnimator, most of my contacts don’t receive my messages already, only those using a dedicated XMPP client still do.
  33. daurnimator FWIW adium gained support for new SASL a while ago
  34. Link Mauve I should have removed them two years ago…
  35. Darlan Thomas, click here and ask
  36. daurnimator all my osx using coworkers/friends are still happily using gmail via xmp from adium
  37. daurnimator *xmpp
  38. Thomas but, gtalk is not the same as hangouts
  39. daurnimator true. but I never mentioned hangouts
  40. Thomas true.
  41. Thomas I didnt know, one can still use gtalk
  42. Darlan Did you notice that hovering on Group Chats menu is faster from Roster than from Systray (or is it just me?)?
  43. Darlan [Systray] After hovering/opening over Status menu, Group Chats menu has lesser/no lag.