Gajim - 2015-04-06

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8012 (Should Everybody Do Muscle Training Or Weight Training?) created There are a lot of quadruplicate symptom medicines visible, but variety reliable that you construe the marque fully, including any cut effects, ​RevTest to truly resolve that it is the one you requirement.You give exploit unaffected herbal treatments for the flu parcel incoming to the computerized treatments. Spell it may b[…]
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8013 (A New Treatment For Herniated Discs) created spinal pressure provides specified saving improvement and round sanative in most cases so that patients can go backward to living standard lives and ​RevTestresume preferred activities specified as golf, farming, and travel, but it does not excrete a herniated circle completely mean again. No handling does. Change the highly touted and still empiri[…]
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8014 (Start Training With Gain Muscle Exercises To Build Mass) created These articles can motion over a few months, as there are quite a lot of yobbo groups to workout.Muscular processing, is conscionable what ​RevTest is says, it gives you locomotion by support manual on how to increase yobbo in predictable places and how to maintain you bully after you bonk achieved your end. Yobo b[…]
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8015 (How To Find A Muscle Building Trainer) created Both are reasoned unsafe for particularised people, for happening, large women.Added frequent choice punishment victimised by ​RevTest galore group is learn. Preparation can serve with galore divers welfare concerns. This involves arthritis, rehabilitation, period, obesity, and more others. Workout can be unhurt as stressed as it is monitored by a simulator[…]
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8011 (Gajim can't answer link-local XMPP to GNOME3 Empathy/telepathy-salut) created We start with sending a message from an Empathy/telepathy-salut Machine (Debian 7) to a Windows machine (Gajim 0.16.1-zeroconfv6_2 on Windows 7). The Empathy machine is keeping a connection to the Windows machine open indefinitely. When the user tries to send an answer message, the Windows machine is opening up a new connection, on which both sides exch[…][…]
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticke[…] • Ticket #8017 (How To Build Muscle In 4 Steps) created Pontiac with the forward "bully car" on the market, which was a fluctuation on the Tempest, the 1964 GTO. This prime yobo car offered a immense ​RevTest V-8 engine that boasted 389 cubic inches and a floor-shift drill transmission instead of on the article. With a newer, shine countenance and sprucene[…]
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  9. Darlan Why posts by new trac users are not set to be awaiting for moderation?
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8019 (Home Made Acne Treatments) created The number between uncolored acne treatments products and non-natural acne treatment products is that disagreement object raw communication ​RevTest products does not countenance any support effects.Although unprocessed acne treatment products love been expanding its popularity over the stylish few period, other favourite identify of acne treat[…]
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  13. Darlan I should be payed for cleaning up trac :-P
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  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8021 (Exercises Build Muscle In Pools) created Although this should not be your water workout, swimming gift give you a fraught body workout without gift you enunciate on your embody. If you ​RevTest use this as your exclusive workout, the precooled element module attain your fat arrange differently, sending author fat to your skin, losing your yobo ambiance.Adding this to your regularized workout schedule, roughly erst a hebd[…]
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  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8023 (Complete Information On Brown Syndrome) created Brownness's syndrome, also titled outstanding diverging sinew frock syndrome. Emancipationist Syndrome is a rarified eye alter defined by defects ​RevTest in eye movements. It involving unchewable adhesions in the upper medial line of the circulate. These lesions regard the grapheme inclined sinew and trochlea and mechanically ending […]
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  19. Darlan Asterix, posts by new trac users should be set to be awaiting for moderation.
  20. Asterix I guess you are writing the trac plugin to add a moderation process?
  21. Darlan Please delete user CaleStiver485.
  22. Darlan No :-P
  23. Asterix all spammers removed
  24. Darlan Yay, ticket #8024 has been deleted after less than 60 seconds!
  25. Darlan I have set Liferea (RSS reader) to update Gajim trac timeline every several minutes.
  26. Darlan aggregate from, actually.
  27. Asterix you can just register to the ML
  28. Link Mauve Err, the emoticons_pack plugin extracts the emoticons set in /tmp, to never clean it up…
  29. Link Mauve I had like 60 MiB of RAM used for that.
  30. dicson Link Mauve, standart python module zipfile
  31. Link Mauve dicson, not really, it extacts them, instead of streaming from the zip file.
  32. Link Mauve It extracts the entire set, which can be quite heavy.
  33. Link Mauve I wonder if I should move to svgz for the Twemoji set.
  34. dicson right. need fix
  35. canvon Hi, I did some incomplete attempt at storing multiple IP addresses (IPv4, IPv6) for link-local, and trying to connect to each of them in turn. It seems I'm having problems with the non-blocking stuff. How best to share my current results, so someone can help? "hg export" the two commits + pastebin it?
  36. Link Mauve canvon, yeah, that would be enough.
  37. canvon
  38. canvon The relevant part would be in the second commit, line 93-127
  39. canvon I'm trying to loop through the collected addresses, by doing another getaddressinfo() after the last address from the previous one has been tried. But it only tries the first address, and do_connect() gets called only once and then exits silently on errnum 115 (EINPROGRESS)
  40. canvon But do_connect() does get called a second time when the connect attempt was to a valid address:port. I guess the nonblocking stuff is silently closing the failed connect?
  41. canvon How is this supposed to work? What is calling back do_connect() a second time if the host:port was valid?
  42. canvon Oh, P2PConnection.pollout is. o_o
  43. canvon So I have to hook into pollend() (for stream failure) as specified by class IdleObject in nbxmpp/ Mh.
  44. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [678:61639c5a7019]: EmoticonsPackPlugin. remove tmp dir EmoticonsPackPlugin?. remove tmp dir
  45. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  46. canvon It works! \o/ It gets a connection failure and connects to the second IP address!
  47. Link Mauve Yay!
  48. dicson Link Mauve, Thanks for report ;-)
  49. canvon Though I get a loop of "nbxmpp.idlequeue read timeout removed for fd 20" sometimes...
  50. Link Mauve dicson, I guess not many users monitor what goes in their /tmp. ^^
  51. dicson Link Mauve, yes. and not many users have big uptime
  52. Link Mauve Only 21 days for now, and I should reboot soon to get a kernel upgrade.
  53. dicson 54 days
  54. dicson reboot not needed ))
  55. canvon
  56. canvon (Now the Windows/Bonjour support still needs to be adjusted to the new data format)
  57. canvon (Windows/Bonjour support adjusted to new data format)
  58. canvon Mh, what to do next? Perhaps I should file a ticket for these 4 commits to be reviewed/included?
  59. Link Mauve That could be useful, so they don’t get forgotten.
  60. canvon "Submission rejected as potential spam" - omg, what did I do this time?
  61. canvon - ok, it worked.
  62. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8025 (Should track multiple addresses with link-local XMPP, and try all of them) created Bug description When using link-local XMPP with Avahi, the last discovered address wins. This is a 50:50 chance of breakage if the other host really is only reachable via IPv4, but we keep an IPv6 address[…] • link-local-multiple-ad[] • link-local-multiple-ad[] • link-local-multiple-ad[] • link-local-multiple-ad[]
  63. Thomas Did Facebook cut off its xmpp functionality?
  64. louiz’ On April 30, 2014, we announced the deprecation of the XMPP Chat API as part of the release of Platform API v2.0. The service and API this document covers will no longer be available after April 30, 2015.
  65. louiz’ so, yeah
  66. louiz’ from
  67. Thomas Thank you!
  68. Thomas So ,we lost all connection to facebook; yes?
  69. Thomas Transports wont work also ?
  70. louiz’ I believe transports could still work
  71. louiz’ But I don’t know the facebook protocol
  72. Thomas I understood this so, that facebook cut off its xmpp connection completely
  73. Thomas How would transports communicate with fb?
  74. Thomas Other thing concerning gajim: I use a irc transport on my ejabberd but I cant figure out how to use my already registered username on freenode
  75. Thomas NickServ tells me, how to do so, by typing /msg NickServ identify user pass, but nothing happens
  76. Thomas Gajim says, "user not found"
  77. louiz’ transport would need to implement the XMPP protocol, and the Facebook protocol (like the official facebook clients do, if that’s possible), and they do the translation between the two
  78. Thomas ah, ok
  79. Thomas does anyone use the hamster plugin?
  80. Thomas I dont see any documentation about how to use it
  81. Darlan > I use a irc transport on my ejabberd but I cant figure out how to use my already registered username on freenode Thomas, please hold on. I am looking for an answer.
  82. Thomas Darlan, thank you
  83. Darlan No problems. You will get an answer in less than 10 minutes.
  84. Darlan Follow these steps: (1) Open Service Discovery window (2) Select IRC transport (3) Click on button Register (4) You should have a big input filed in which you with which you would set up your IRC configurations.
  85. Darlan Example: [{"", "koi8-r", 6667, "secret"}, {"", "iso8859-1", 7000}, {"", "utf-8"}].
  86. Darlan I use something like this: [{"", "utf-8", 6667, "secret"}].
  87. Darlan Thomas, there should be a field for Username above the Parameters field.
  88. Thomas ok
  89. Thomas "registration was successfull"
  90. Thomas Thank you very much, Darlan
  91. Thomas But what should I do now?
  92. Thomas simply join a room?
  93. Darlan Please try.
  94. Thomas yes
  95. Thomas it works
  96. Thomas Thank you very very much
  97. Darlan You are very welcome!
  98. Darlan dicson, what do you think of turning email and telephone addresses of Contact Information (vCard) to hyperlinks? (mailto: and tel:)
  99. Darlan Right now, http:// address is hyperlink.
  100. rototom My ejabberd supports xep 313 mam, gajim supports it, too. But what do I have to do to activate it?
  101. rototom I went through the advanced options, but didnt see anything related
  102. Darlan #7857
  103. bot Darlan: (Click-able Email address and Telephone number)
  104. Link Mauve Darlan, for phone numbers it’s very hard, as every country has a different way to type them.
  105. Link Mauve With different separators and everything.
  106. Link Mauve And for email, what if it was a JIT instead?
  107. Darlan Email addresses then.
  108. Link Mauve JID*
  109. Darlan Uhhh, I wanted rototom to stay.
  110. thomas Still here
  111. Darlan oh :-)
  112. Darlan Link Mauve, then you would not enter in Email field. Besides, on right-click in Gajim, Gajim says Copy Email/JID.
  113. Darlan Link Mauve, we can continue this argument later, unless you can not assist to thomas in concern to MAM, if you will of course.
  114. Link Mauve I don’t know about that, sorry.
  115. Darlan ok
  116. Asterix there is nothing to do to activate MAM. Gajim sync logs if server supports it, that's all
  117. thomas Ok
  118. thomas It seems gajim wont do this for me
  119. thomas Latest version
  120. Link Mauve thomas, 0.16.1?
  121. thomas Yes
  122. Link Mauve Are you certain your server has it enabled?
  123. thomas Yes
  124. thomas Conversations works
  125. Link Mauve So you went to Gajim’s history, and the logs aren’t there?
  126. thomas Yes
  127. thomas No logs at all
  128. Link Mauve I don’t think I can help you more, sorry. :/
  129. thomas Thanks
  130. Link Mauve I have never used MAM in Gajim.