Gajim - 2015-04-01

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  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #106 (Zimmerman's Research Guide) created To assist companies in the oil and gas market protect workers and keep compliant with OSHA mandates, MANCOMM has just completed Oil & Gas Sector: OSHA Regulations from Parts 1903, 1904, 1910, & 1926. This 716-web page, eight-1/2" x 11" book is enhanced with RegLogic?, a colorful, graphical method that makes reading and understanding regulations less difficult than ever. RegLogic? is an integral co[…] https://trac-plugins.[…]
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  7. Darlan Why writings look lIkE tHis?
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #102 (Why The Most recent OSHA Regulations Are Actually Great For Business) created Welcome to OSHA's Law and Regulations web page. This web page contains links to all current OSHA standards, gives information on the rulemaking approach utilised to develop workplace overall health and safety standards, and involves links to all Federal Register notices that are presently open for comment. This page also offers hyperlinks to the O[…][…]
  9. Darlan Asterix, I think it would be a good idea to block /wiki/BadContent from the public, if possible.
  10. Asterix it's currently not used I have to investiguate, but I don't have time
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7838 (Useless buttons in balloon notifications) updated When contact logs in, I would like […] • Ticket #8008 (Group name reset) created Bug description Renaming of group does not work. Steps to reproduce R[…] • Ticket #7838 (Useless button[…] ПОТС ЗОХВАЧЕН11!!!
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8009 (Useful buttons in balloon notifications) created problem There are no buttons in balloon notifications. analysis There are accessibility benefits for having buttons in balloon notifications, like a Start Chat button on a contact sign in balloon. See Blueman (Bluetooth manager), for a good realization. enhancement recommendation Add buttons of common functions to balloon notifications. related tickets #7838
  13. Asterix Darlan: do you realize that if we count all the tickets you open, you ask for years for work? Gajim is an opensource project, without developpers with enough time. without patches those ticket are quite useless except make me loose time filtering them, increase opened tickets, ...
  14. Darlan Yes, I understand that.
  15. Darlan Those tickets are not useless. You can mark them a Patches Welcome.
  16. Asterix I can make 100% of opened ticket as patch welcome in this case
  17. Darlan Okay.
  18. Darlan I hope to contribute GUI refinements and later write Python patches.
  19. Asterix when I get a little time I only fixes real bugs, and then work on GTK3 branch
  20. Darlan No problems. I think you are doing a very good job.
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7838 (Useless buttons in balloon notifications) reopened Useless button File Transfer Request on file transfer request balloon. • Ticket #8009 (Useful buttons in balloon notifications) updated Chat (verb) button on a contact sign in balloon and on an incoming /attention message. Accept and Decline buttons on file transfer request. ЖАЖА1!
  22. mitchell how can I change tab-completion of usernames to end with a : instead of , ?
  23. Asterix gc_refer_to_nick_char in ACE
  24. Asterix you're welcome ...
  25. mitchell Asterix, thank you.. strange thing keeps happening. I edit .config/gajim/config and save it, then it goes back to how it was
  26. mitchell (not a Gajim issue)
  27. Asterix Gajim saves it when exiting. If you want to edit it by hand (not recommanded) you have to cose Gajim before doing so
  28. mitchell what's a better way to edit it?
  29. Asterix pref window
  30. Asterix advanced
  31. Asterix then open ACE
  32. Asterix Advanced Configuration Editor
  33. mitchell Asterix: cool
  34. mitchell I'm really enjoying Gajim
  35. Asterix ;)
  36. Darlan mitchell, if you know coders who use or know Gajim, please ask them to join to Gajim Team or just contribute some patches to improve user experience in Gajim.
  37. luis Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm currently looking for a good XMMP client and Gajim seems to be it. 1) Do you have any links to a Gajim vs Pidgin comparison? 2) Is there any port fo it to Android? By the way, I think that so far everything looks awesome, gongatulation to all the community.
  38. Link Mauve luis, I’m not aware of any comparison with Pidgin, but if you have certain points you want to know you can just ask.
  39. louiz’ and no that won’t work on android
  40. Link Mauve And an Android port is very unlikely, as it relies on totally different UI paradygmes and APIs.
  41. luis Thanks. I don't have anything specific in mind. I'm actually trying to find a good replacement for WhatsApp/Foogle for my family and friends. But in Android land I'm still having some troubles (missing messages, etc). There is Conversations for Android and it supports stream management, Carbons and other things that might make things better for lame smartphone connections. And there is Prosody, which supports all relevants XEPs, I think. However, I couldn' find any XMPP client for Android that has Video/Audio support.
  42. luis (sorry, i didn't know there was a limit for chat)
  43. Link Mauve Indeed, I don’t know much about Android land.
  44. Link Mauve Look at Jitsi perhaps, I think it does audio/video on android.
  45. luis By the way, does Gajim work well with Prosody? Can you comment on Prosody vs Ejabberd? I'm on Debian, currently with Ejabberd. But some features for Ejabberd are only for the commercial version and i use nly FOSS.
  46. luis @link, yeah, I've tried it, but they seem to have forgotten about Android version. No updates for more than a year.
  47. luis (jitsi)
  48. Link Mauve Sure it works well, with about any server. ^^
  49. Link Mauve It depends on the features you want.
  50. Link Mauve My personal opinion, as a Prosody user, is that I really like this server, its community, its extensibility, and the guys who do it. :)
  51. luis I'm interested in XEPs related to carbons, stream management, cryptography, jingle-video/audio/relay.
  52. Link Mauve Carbons and Stream Management are available in Prosody.
  53. Link Mauve What do you mean by cryptography?
  54. Link Mauve In prosody-modules actually, so not builtin, but easily available.
  55. Link Mauve
  56. Link Mauve As for Jingle, it’s mostly a client-side thing, but servers can help it (in Prosody there is a proxy module available to ease the establishment of the connection).
  57. luis Great. I'll try Prosody then and migrate from ejabberd. By cryptography I mean OTR, GnuPG, or anything that could make it more secure for users.
  58. Link Mauve Both of those extensions are purely client-side features.
  59. Link Mauve It wouldn’t make sense to implement them in the server, as you might guess. :)
  60. luis Doesn't ​XEP-0027 Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage <> need server support?
  61. Link Mauve Not at all.
  62. luis Ahh. So I think it'll work.
  63. Asterix Gajim also have an old XEP: E2E. easier encryption as there is no need of key. They are generated automatically.
  64. luis Thanks Link and louiz. Im' gonna give it a try. maybe even see it there is anything I can help with. Bye
  65. Link Mauve Asterix, OTR does the same thing.
  66. Link Mauve It’s not that they don’t need keys, they generate them on time.
  67. Asterix you have to generate them manually once, no? (I never used OTR)
  68. Link Mauve Depends on the client, in poezio it’s automatic.
  69. louiz’ It’s with GPG that you have to manually generate them and exchange them
  70. Link Mauve Yeah.
  71. Asterix yes I know GPG. but I think in Gajim you have to generate your key once