Gajim - 2015-03-27

  1. bullgard4 [Debian unstable Xfce 4.10] How can switch off light green status messages in my Gajim 0.16 such as "arune has joined the chat room"?
  2. Link Mauve bullgard4, it should be configurable somewhere in Edit > Preferences.
  3. bullgard4 Link Mauve: I found something there. - Thank you.
  4. Link Mauve :)
  5. Darlan It appears strings of Gajim GTK+3 are not synced with strings of Gajim GTK+2.
  6. Kegeruneku Hello there
  7. Kegeruneku Hey mathieui !!!
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7918 (When talking to some user using Local account: "AttributeError: 'NoneType' …) updated I can reproduce with Gajim 0.16 on Debian jessie communicating with Empathy on Debian wheezy. Changing: id = msg_stanza.getID() to id_= 0 if msg_stanza != N[…] • Ticket #7918 (When talking to some user using Local account: "[…]
  9. Kegeruneku Ooookay, was about to talk about this one
  10. Kegeruneku What are the project guidelines to contribute code ? I see nothing about it in
  11. Link Mauve Kegeruneku, mainly, respect PEP-0008, and ask us if you have an issue.
  12. Kegeruneku Well the issue is ticket 7918 :) (thanks to the bot)
  13. Kegeruneku I think the proposed change is PEP-8 OK, it's only some code cleanup/removal
  14. Kegeruneku (but I'd love the advice of someone which is familiar with Gajim's code to know the consequences, if any)
  15. Link Mauve Kegeruneku, I don’t know Gajim’s code, but I’ll look at XEP-0174.
  16. Kegeruneku ty
  17. Link Mauve Hmm, my understanding is that Gajim doesn’t set an id on outgoing messages.
  18. Kegeruneku OK, so removing the id looks like a bad idea, even if the function does not use it it certainly used somewhere else since I lose my outgoing message display during "normal" (!= local) chat sessions
  19. Kegeruneku I'm testing with the id = 0 + if solution again
  20. Kegeruneku "NameError: global name 'id_' is not defined" bingo
  21. Link Mauve Kegeruneku, in XMPP, not having an id is equivalent to an empty '' id.
  22. Link Mauve You could replace line 2374 with “id_ = msg_stanza.getID() or ''” and it should be ok.
  23. Link Mauve Oh actually no.
  24. Link Mauve It’s the message stanza that is wrong.
  25. Kegeruneku Yup, I fear that Empathy has its own interpretation of what a XMPP message should be :)
  26. Kegeruneku With the if, everything's looks OK
  27. Kegeruneku I can chat with both local and remote accounts
  28. Link Mauve This could be used as a hack for now, but it’s no proper fix.
  29. Link Mauve The issue is that the callback is called without a message stanza.
  30. Kegeruneku Yup. I think I'll try to take a look at what Empathy feeds me back with during a chat session
  31. Link Mauve I think this is a pure Gajim bug, I don’t see how Empathy could be involved in that.
  32. Kegeruneku Oh, I don't know which one is the culprit, but the original issue tells that local chatting with Gajim to Gajim works fine
  33. Kegeruneku So this may be a difference in what both clients sends back during what you send
  34. Kegeruneku Also, I noticed that Empathy receives my message, even when Gajim notifies me of the None error
  35. Kegeruneku So the problem is in the message acknowledgment i guess
  36. Kegeruneku Maybe a field Gajim expects but is not sent
  37. Link Mauve Yeah, as you can see, the id_ variable is only used for xep-0184.
  38. Link Mauve Oh, hmm…
  39. Link Mauve Can you give me an extract of the XML log, as you can get it in Actions > Advanced > XML Console?
  40. Kegeruneku Of course
  41. Link Mauve Especially the part when you (Gajim) send a message, and Empathy acks it.
  42. Link Mauve With or without your hack, doesn’t matter.
  43. Kegeruneku Hm, no XML console event during local chats... I'm starting tshark.
  44. Link Mauve Actually, I’m not sure it’d help.
  45. Kegeruneku Funny
  46. Kegeruneku Link Mauve,
  47. Kegeruneku (i'm mcerda, he's vnapoli)
  48. Kegeruneku Actually, Empathy does'nt send anything back
  49. Kegeruneku Or ...
  50. Kegeruneku Yup, nothing back apparently
  51. Kegeruneku Asking someone to install Gajim to compare
  52. Kegeruneku (after lunch :D)
  53. Darlan Menu items under menu Advanced should be placed under tabs of each account dialog. Advanced menu is not good. Perhaps menu that needs to be in place there is Management only.
  54. Darlan Instead of dynamic-nested menu items, have a static menu that would apply to a currently selected account (this is keyboard friendly, too).
  55. NUF does somebody knows, which folders gajim use in my home directory?
  56. NUF I would like to make gajm forget about all accounts and history, I had a server crash and after loading old backup gajim doesnt sync mam any more
  57. dicson /.config/gajim
  58. NUF thx dicson
  59. NUF brb ^^
  60. dicson /.local/share/gajim
  61. NUF Yes, that I noticed now too.
  62. NUF And I deleted . cache too
  63. NUF ah, well, the reset solved the problem :)