Gajim - 2015-03-26

  1. Darlan mathieui, please send to chat room one of these Unicode characters: U+1F42D MOUSE FACE U+1F42E COW FACE U+1F431 CAT FACE U+1F435 MONKEY FACE
  2. Darlan Gajim does not allow me to send these characters and when I select these characters from chat room (if posted), Gajim emits this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 1054, in on_left_mouse_button_release clipboard.set_text(self.get_selected_text()) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 1063, in get_selected_text character = search_iter.get_char() RuntimeError: returned character can not be represented in 16-bit unicode
  3. 007 a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 gajim Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 532, in <module> interface = Interface() File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 2779, in __init__ cfg_was_read = File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 66, in read optname, key, subname, value = regex.match(line).groups() AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'groups' a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$
  4. 007 help
  5. Darlan I have an "idea" for a software. vCard Manager. This software is not intended to modify vCards retrieved from the XMPP network, but manage personal vCard directories. It appears most of Jabber clients are able to read (contact) vCards and edit (account) vCards. Most of code is readily available, so it should be easier to do.
  6. 007 really ?
  7. Darlan 007, how do you reproduce this problem?
  8. Darlan I guess so.
  9. 007 I am using Gajim through terminal
  10. Darlan How exactly?
  11. 007 a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 gajim
  12. 007 using this command
  13. 007 Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 gajim
  14. 007 because Gajim wont starts with the shortcut menu on desktop
  15. Darlan oh, so you are launching Gajim via terminal. Okay.
  16. Link Mauve 007, your ~/.config/gajim/config file seems bad.
  17. Darlan Do you have Ubuntu/Unity plugins disabled in Gajim?
  18. Link Mauve (But the parser shouldn’t fail on that, so it’s a bug.)
  19. 007 And how to fix it now ?
  20. Link Mauve 007, you could look at that file, and fix it if you can.
  21. 007 Darlan: Do you have Ubuntu/Unity plugins disabled in Gajim? I dont know, and didnt anything .. since 2weeks gajim stoped working
  22. Link Mauve (Each line has to start with “some_name = ”.)
  23. Darlan 07Ignore my comment. Follow Link Mauve.
  24. 007 ok darlan
  25. Darlan 007, Ignore my comment. Follow Link Mauve.
  26. Darlan ok
  27. 007 If i dont use this command in terminal, XML console is not working Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 gajim
  28. 007 Link ?
  29. 007 other XMPP clients working fine, this all happening with Gajim
  30. Link Mauve 007, try this patch:
  31. 007 how ?
  32. 007 What should i do ?
  33. Link Mauve Huh, apply it to your /usr/share/gajim/src/common/ file.
  34. Link Mauve (As root, probably.)
  35. 007 Tell me all step :'-(
  36. Link Mauve Alright.
  37. Link Mauve First download that patch file.
  38. Link Mauve Then run that command: sudo patch -p0 < 007.patch
  39. 007 Done
  40. 007 now
  41. Link Mauve When it’s asking you which file to patch, tell it /usr/share/gajim/src/common/
  42. 007 a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ sudo patch -p0 < 007.patch bash: 007.patch: No such file or directory a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$
  43. Link Mauve Go to the directory you downloaded it to.
  44. Link Mauve Or move it to your home directory.
  45. 007 ok
  46. Link Mauve Err, wait, my patch is wrong.
  47. 007 this file is open in browser but no download option
  48. Link Mauve Oh, so `wget` will download it.
  49. 007 ok
  50. Link Mauve (I fixed the issue in the meanwhile.)
  51. 007 404 Not Found nginx/1.6.2 :D :'(
  52. Link Mauve Wut. oO
  53. Link Mauve Did you copy/paste correctly?
  54. Link Mauve Without the quotes?
  55. 007 Oh, so `wget` i just clicked it
  56. 007 Oh, so `wget <`> thing this is right
  57. Link Mauve It’s a command you have to type in your terminal.
  58. 007 awww
  59. Link Mauve wget
  60. Link Mauve Like that.
  61. 007 a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ bash: No such file or directory a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$
  62. Link Mauve You have to include “wget” at the beginning.
  63. Link Mauve It’s the command that will download the file.
  64. Link Mauve Once that’s done, run this command: sha1sum 007.patch
  65. Link Mauve It should tell you 2c6a0926f612f5e6c15ea7cd9b34ac74a87e5122, which will make sure the patch file is correct.
  66. 007 wcb
  67. Link Mauve Alright, you are ready.
  68. 007 yep No command 'bash:' found, did you mean: Command 'bash' from package 'bash' (main) bash:: command not found a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$: command not found a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$ sha1sum 007.patch 2c6a0926f612f5e6c15ea7cd9b34ac74a87e5122 007.patch a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$
  69. Link Mauve 007, now run this command again: sudo patch -p0 < 007.patch
  70. 007 ok
  71. 007 now ?
  72. 007 file to patch ?
  73. Link Mauve /usr/share/gajim/src/common/
  74. 007 File to patch: /usr/share/gajim/src/common/ patching file /usr/share/gajim/src/common/ a007@a007-Satellite-C850:~$
  75. 007 is it done ?
  76. Link Mauve Yes.
  77. Link Mauve Now restart Gajim, it should work.
  78. 007 aww
  79. 007 let me see (a)
  80. 007 :heart: Its working thanks, but so many strange thing appeared on terminal
  81. Link Mauve Yes, I made it to log errors that are in the configuration file.
  82. 007 haha Its Strange for me
  83. Link Mauve It should say something like “Invalid configuration line, ignoring it: something” for every line that is wrong, instead of crashing.
  84. Link Mauve Can you paste a few?
  85. 007 yes sure
  86. 007 Thursday 26 March 2015 14:07:33 (W) gajim.c.optparser Invalid configuration line, ignoring it: But We cannot survive without Human Affection. Thursday 26 March 2015 14:07:33 (W) gajim.c.optparser Invalid configuration line, ignoring it: But We cannot survive without Human Affection.
  87. Link Mauve oO
  88. 007 Thursday 26 March 2015 14:07:33 (W) gajim.c.optparser Invalid configuration line, ignoring it: statusmsg.We can live without religion & Meditation Thursday 26 March 2015 14:07:33 (W) gajim.c.optparser Invalid configuration line, ignoring it: But We cannot survive without Human Affection..activity_text = We can live without religion & Meditation
  89. 007 my status msgs :D :'(
  90. Link Mauve How did that end up in the configuration file. oO
  91. 007 hursday 26 March 2015 14:07:33 (W) gajim.c.optparser Invalid configuration line, ignoring it: But We cannot survive without Human Affection. /usr/share/gajim/src/common/ UserWarning: multiple gnome keyring items found for account a007; trying to use the first one... % account_name) /usr/share/gajim/src/common/ UserWarning: multiple gnome keyring items found for account idiot0; trying to use the first one... % account_name)
  92. 007 Link ?
  93. Link Mauve Yeah, I think you could just purge your config file from that.
  94. Link Mauve Oh!
  95. Link Mauve Wait.
  96. 007 why i am still unable to use gajim from shortcut ?
  97. 007 ok, waiting
  98. pep. 007, it's "Link Mauve"
  99. Link Mauve 007, did you set a status with a line return somewhere?
  100. 007 yep, sorry " Link Mauve"
  101. Link Mauve If so, it’s another bug you found in Gajim. :)
  102. 007 I've set 3-4 status msg for 2-3 IDs
  103. Link Mauve Were they on multiple lines?
  104. 007 its normal on windows
  105. 007 mean I am setting a status with DND , another status msg with Chat , different status msg with Awaay
  106. 007 away*
  107. 007 yeah, most of them are in 2 lines
  108. 007 like "Hello Kitty I am here"
  109. Link Mauve So that’s likely the bug, thanks. :)
  110. 007 :)
  111. Link Mauve Let’s tell Asterix when he’s here.
  112. 007 I am waiting for him, I am a bug more than a user :'(
  113. Link Mauve Hey, it’s great to find bugs!
  114. 007 bugs are all around me
  115. Link Mauve I think too much as a developer, so I never find bugs. :(
  116. 007 :D Its happening with me, coz i know "nothing" about programming
  117. 007 I have a question about XML , How To Check if contact is not in list but online and if invisible.
  118. 007 I love Gajim because of XML console
  119. 007 I can see everything happening using XML
  120. Link Mauve 007, it’s impossible, this is the definition of being invisible. :p
  121. 007 Its is possible in nimbuzz , if you are using a Nokia Mobile you can set invisible status
  122. Link Mauve Ah, you mean set, not check?
  123. Link Mauve You want *you* to appear offline to others, but still be there?
  124. 007 Sorry ?
  125. 007 yeah
  126. 007 and I want to see others if tthey are invisible, even if tey are not in my friendlist
  127. Link Mauve So to set yourself as invisible, there is an item in the status list, called “Invisible”.
  128. 007 its all possible using spybot, but they don't want to share the XML to check that
  129. Link Mauve To see if someone else is invisible or offline is impossible, or should be (if it isn’t, then it’s a bug of your contact’s client).
  130. 007 so many bugs on nimbuzz
  131. 007 :D
  132. 007 if you join nimbuzz for some time youu can understand what i am saying
  133. 007 just change server
  134. Link Mauve I won’t, I prefer the open XMPP network I’m part of. :)
  135. 007 just once
  136. 007 nimbuzz is a chat client
  137. 007 for all mobile , mac, PC , Android
  138. Link Mauve I’m on Linux, and only in terminal (or mostly).
  139. 007 if you are using Gajim , you can join nimbuzz for awhile
  140. Link Mauve I don’t. ^^'
  141. 007 I am using Gajim for Nimbuzz chat
  142. Darlan 007, may I ask if you are Persian?
  143. 007 no no
  144. 007 i Am anti persian
  145. Darlan Link Mauve, Gtalk-like > Nimbuzz-like :-P
  146. Darlan Arab?
  147. 007 You know iN Nimbuzz so many persian programmers hacking our IDs
  148. 007 no no
  149. 007 I dont ride camels :(
  150. Darlan I ask because Nimbuzz seems to be widely used by Asian Arabs and Iranians.
  151. Darlan laugh out loud @ camels :-)
  152. 007 you are right, its best for ISD calling
  153. Darlan What is ISD?
  154. 007 free ISD and Videochat with World wide chatrooms
  155. Darlan Gajim is able to do Audio/Voice chats too.
  156. 007 ISD = like a call to another country
  157. 007 ie. Russia to China, or Japan to USA
  158. Darlan Is Nimbuzz popular in your region?
  159. 007 yes
  160. 007 even in Europe
  161. 007 Its world wide chat
  162. Darlan Goddamn noobs, they should use Gajim or other pure Jabber/XMPP clients.
  163. 007 in nimbuzz we can creat room, and managing option
  164. 007 like kicking, banning, mute
  165. Darlan Gajim can do so too.
  166. 007 i cant creat rooms in Gajim
  167. Link Mauve Sure you can.
  168. Darlan You can, as long as server allows to create new chat rooms.
  169. Darlan Just enter/join to a desired chat room name (must be a new name in server) and Gajim would prompt you to chat rom configuration dialog.
  170. 007 #:-SS
  171. Darlan Just enter/join to a desired chat room name (must be a new name in server) and Gajim would prompt you to chat room configuration dialog, as soon as you are joined in.
  172. Darlan Try.
  173. 007 but here i dont have friends to chat
  174. 007 in Nimbuzz If i creat a room , there are 100000 users to join the chat
  175. 007 I dont like nimbuzz but joining it for friends.
  176. 007 you know Nimbuzz is business now, they are selling buckz for boost your room , and if your room is boosted new users enter evenr time
  177. Darlan Tell them to use Nimbuzz and Gtalk (now, Hangouts) with Gajim, Adium, Pidgin, Psi, Psi+.
  178. Darlan Psi+ has some nice 1 on 1 games.
  179. 007 I love Gajim
  180. 007 I've used psi, psi+ and right now using Pidgin But Gajim is the best
  181. Darlan I do not like Pidgin, they neglect too many things in it in favor of other things I have no idea what.
  182. 007 yeah
  183. 007 i am using pidgim because my Gajim was not working
  184. 007 otherwise my choice is Gajim
  185. Darlan Please spread the word about Gajim, in the hope it would gain more developers.
  186. 007 sure
  187. 007 Its would be awesome if you make gajim for Mobile phones
  188. 007 there are most users of Mobile in Nimbuzz chat
  189. Darlan I guess they can use Conversations, yaxim or Xabber.
  190. 007 You know Miranda ? they made it for PC and Mobiles. million users downloading Miranda everyday for Mobile.
  191. Darlan Really?
  192. 007 yeah
  193. Darlan Miranda IM was my favorite chat client when I used to use Windows. It is a good example of how software is done right.
  194. 007 when i am using My Nokia Phone Missing Gajim and poorly Miranda is thhe last option for XML console on Mobile
  195. 007 But Miranda doesn't supports Linux
  196. Darlan There was an attempt to port Gajim to Nokia N900. See
  197. 007 LMAO its running on Nokia device?
  198. Link Mauve Darlan, that’s because Maemo is based on GTK+.
  199. Darlan Yes, as it appears in attached screenshots.
  200. Link Mauve I already ran it on my phone as well.
  201. 007 wow
  202. 007 I am using Nokia 52xx series phone
  203. Link Mauve Worked fine, except the multi-window mode is really terrible on mobile, so the UI should be totally reworked for it to be usable.
  204. 007 ie. Nokia 5235, 5800
  205. Darlan I think Maemo died as an example lesson to every electronics company to show that the consumers must not be provided with too much freedom.
  206. 007 :D
  207. 007 BBL
  208. Darlan Honestly, this is what I feel about it.
  209. Darlan Have fun.
  210. Link Mauve Darlan, certainly not.
  211. Link Mauve It’s just that they never advertized it, unlike Google’s Android.
  212. Darlan There is GTA04 now.
  213. Link Mauve I’m still on GTA02.
  214. Darlan Do you have a GTA02 device?
  215. Link Mauve Yeah.
  216. Darlan Nice.
  217. Link Mauve It’s been my main phone for the past seven years or so.
  218. Darlan What app do you use for XMPP?
  219. Link Mauve I don’t use my phone for XMPP.
  220. Link Mauve I have a netbook for that, it’s much more comfortable.
  221. Darlan +1
  222. Darlan Link Mauve is a good example of a good person.
  223. Darlan Link Mauve, perhaps it would be a good idea to ask the elementary OS project to join Gajim to their set of applications?
  224. Darlan They have listed Empathy though.
  225. Link Mauve I don’t think Gajim fits their guidelines of simple UI.
  226. Darlan It would be, after they would accept it :-)
  227. Darlan Link Mauve, what about the bug of 007? Are you going to submit patch or open a ticket about it?
  228. Link Mauve Asterix, please review
  229. Link Mauve The source of that issue is that when the user edits their statuses (I don’t really know where) and put a \n in them, the status is stored like that in the config file, which makes it malformed.
  230. Link Mauve Darlan, I don’t think I’ll fix that further, I’m on a coding spree on Wayland projects currently.
  231. mathieui (jingle :()
  232. Link Mauve (Sorry, I’ll get back at it someday, hopefully not in one year like the other time…)
  233. Link Mauve (Everything is at though.)
  234. Asterix Link Mauve: hmm I'd like to fix the root of the problem. When status message in on several lines, it's supposed to be escaped to go in one line
  235. Link Mauve Asterix, sure, but in any case Gajim shouldn’t crash when the config file has issues.
  236. Asterix yes I agree
  237. Asterix Link Mauve: is there a way to import your commit directly from your repos?
  238. Link Mauve hg pull?
  239. Asterix yep
  240. Asterix thx
  241. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15657:7ff6c8bcae13]: Don’t crash when the config file is malformed. Don’t crash when the config file is malformed.