Gajim - 2015-03-24

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  5. aef hey there. is Gajim related to Psi anyhow?
  6. aef is it based on Qt?
  7. Link Mauve No, on GTK+.
  8. Link Mauve 2.x for 0.16 and before, 3.x starting with 0.17.
  9. aef i'm a long time Psi user looking for clients that are actually maintained. but i'm a power user. Do you think Gajim could make me happy?
  10. Link Mauve Probably, it mostly depends on what you are actually using from Psi, and your adaptation capability.
  11. Link Mauve Give it a try, and ask us if you don’t know how to do something.
  12. aef well i need stable OTR support, or at least something that is more stable than the shitty Psi+ plugin. I would like to be able to disable history for specific contacts, and I would like to be able to enforce OTR for specific contacts
  13. aef I would also like to have a Service discovery and a basic XML console for server debugging
  14. Link Mauve OTR should work quite fine, the only issue my Gajim-using contacts have is with non-escaped & in messages, which Gajim’s OTR implementation doesn’t handle.
  15. Link Mauve Asterix, btw. ^
  16. aef i very much like that you people seem to support Carbons and Stream management
  17. Link Mauve Yeah, it helps in a lot of cases.
  18. Link Mauve I wish more clients supported those two, because Carbons is useless in just one client, and Stream Management is so useful in any kind of unreliable link…
  19. aef do you support Attention?
  20. aef XEP-0224
  21. Link Mauve (I’m not a Gajim dev, btw.)
  22. aef well, do you know if Gajim supports that?
  23. Link Mauve And it doesn’t look like my Gajim contacts support it, so maybe in a plugin.
  24. aef plugins are written in Python?
  25. Link Mauve Yeah.
  26. Link Mauve Ah, Gajim core does support Attention actually.
  27. Link Mauve … even though it doesn’t expose that, hmm…
  28. aef is there a list of XEP support anywhere?
  29. Link Mauve There is
  30. aef Link Mauve: is a developer here?
  31. Link Mauve There is Asterix, yeah.
  32. aef Asterix: hey there
  33. aef Asterix: why don't you have your Debian repository signing key available through your HTTPS website? I would really prefer to download that from a secured site instead of FTP
  34. Asterix aef: it is available on the ftp itself. easier to install (not as secure as https I agree ...)
  35. Asterix I can easily put it on http if you want
  36. aef that would be very nice
  37. aef spontaneously, i'm quite impressed, just looking at 0.15 from Debian Wheezy
  38. aef no idea how I missed Gajim until today
  39. Asterix
  40. aef maybe i confused it with Gaim, now Pidgin
  41. aef Asterix: thank you very much.
  42. Asterix aef: indeed there is no relation at all with gaim (pidgin)
  43. aef Asterix: are the plugins actually recevied via FTP?
  44. Asterix ftps
  45. aef Asterix: ok, better :)
  46. aef Asterix: but why FTP at all?
  47. Asterix because we want to transfer files, and FTP is a File Transfer Protocol
  48. Asterix it's easy to list files for example
  49. Link Mauve Jingle ALL the things! o/
  50. aef HTTP is by far superior to FTP in terms of transferring files. FTP is such an outdated protocol
  51. aef just thinking about ASCII and binary mode and active and passive mode gives me the shivers
  52. aef and the fact that you need at least two TCP connection to transfer one file
  53. aef and a new TCP connection for each file thereafter
  54. Asterix all that is handles automatically
  55. Asterix it's easier to list files in a folder than with http
  56. aef HTTP has PROPFIND. quite easy
  57. aef and HTTP can handle all that within one TLS secured TCP session.
  58. Asterix patches welcome to add https support to the plugin ;)
  59. aef Asterix: let me have a look at the whole client first, maybe i'll write a patch then :)
  60. Asterix sure
  61. Holger aef: That's WebDAV, not HTTP, right?
  62. aef its WebDAV yes, but WebDAV is just an HTTP extension
  63. Holger "just" :-)
  64. aef it defines a few new verbs and some rules for responses to them. its nothing too fancy
  65. Holger Yes, but it's not typically available on public HTTP servers.
  66. Holger HTTP provides lots of advanced features FTP doesn't, and the single TCP-connection thingy helps with packet filters. But it's not really a proper replacement for the traditional FTP use cases, it just allows for emulating the behavior.
  67. Darlan aef, OTR plugin for Gajim is not maintained for some months. You can contribute to it if you will or invite some others to contribute to it,
  68. aef Darlan: is it broken anyhow?
  69. aef because the OTR protocol did't really evolve in the last years afaik
  70. Darlan Last time I checked, OTR plugin for Gajim breaks Single Message.
  71. aef Holger: agreed, the tool support is lacking. there are no explicit WebDAV file servers that i know of. and webserver do no user switching, so the uploading part is not that hassle-free. but then again, we have SSH/SFTP nowadays
  72. Darlan It should work for you, but if you can find someone to maintain it, it would be best, since there are some UI enhancements that can be made to it so it would integrate with Gajim better.
  73. Asterix aef: there are tickets on the bug tracker. Plugin maintainer closed them because he want users to open them on it's own bugrtacker
  74. Darlan > it's easy to list files for example I recall Link Mauve pointing out that http does not mean html, If that’s what you were thinking about.
  75. Darlan Why do I ever recall these things?
  76. aef I just pointed it out because i personally despise FTP for all the troubles it caused for me for a long time. I think FTP is prehistoric memorial on how not to design a protocol. I accept that it is the way it is because it is ancient, but I wish it would finally go extinct like Gopher did.
  77. Holger <>!
  78. Holger ;-)
  79. Darlan aef, you may contribute a patch for Gajim Plugin Manager to handle HTTP protocol. See
  80. aef Darlan: as I said, i'll consider it.
  81. aef not much of a Python dev
  82. Darlan Me too. I wish I were, but I have no available time to it.
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  84. aef is there any documentation where and in what format Gajim saves OTR keys? I would like to import mine from Psi+
  85. Asterix I invited afflux, the writer of this plugin. If he comes, you'll be able to ask him
  86. Asterix and here he is
  87. Asterix Hi afflux
  88. afflux you have summoned me?
  89. Asterix aef has a question for you
  90. Asterix ‎[23:46] ‎aef‎: is there any documentation where and in what format Gajim saves OTR keys? I would like to import mine from Psi+
  91. afflux check out keysync from the guardian project:
  92. afflux in hindsight, it was a stupid idea to have a custom format, I should've parsed the libotr format
  93. aef somehow every single client in the world has a custom OTR format
  94. Darlan I would suggest to store these files in a dedicated folder, not under ~/.local/share/gajim/ but ~/.local/share/gajim/gotr/.
  95. Darlan Jef, what's up with your file sharing and killer plugin?
  96. SamWhited afflux: while you're here, any chance otr messages could be marked as "nocopy" (if they haven't been already)? I keep meaning to check and possibly do it, but I think they're still being carboned.
  97. afflux samwhited: unless you provide a pull request against chances are pretty low
  98. SamWhited Wilco; I had a branch somewhere but it was ages ago... Can't remember why I didn't PR. Buggy or something.