Gajim - 2015-03-23

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  3. Darlan Tickets #8000 and #8001 by kevinlanger2 were deleted.
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  5. Darlan Tickets #8000 by kevinlanger2 and #8001 by eionmrgun7 were deleted.
  6. Darlan 0xAFFE, Coolmax, mrDoctorWho, lallasgr, Natureshadow, Neustradamus, SamWhited, vorner, xbright *and everyone else*, what do you think of this alternative description for Gajim? "Chat with and speak to people over the XMPP communication network" (Instead of "A GTK+ Jabber client").
  7. vorner has no problem with either description, but he doesn't count much, as a programmer
  8. Natureshadow Darlan, please stop mass-highlighting
  9. Darlan Okay, I will.
  10. Darlan vorner, this has nothing to do with programming, just marketing.
  11. Darlan Natureshadow, may you voice your opinion, if you may?
  12. vorner Darlan: I know. But I have different view on such things than most people, my point of view is skewed.
  13. Darlan I do not care. Your *voice is a voice* in a pool of voices, so yours count!
  14. Natureshadow I think "A GTK+ Jabber client" is a good description
  15. Darlan Thanks Natureshadow. The description I propose applies to gajim.desktop only, so the on in About dialog remains the same. Similar to Liferea.
  16. Darlan vorner, you raised a good point at
  17. Neustradamus Darlan: I have already said @ Asterix to remove the old notation "Jabber" some years ago...
  18. Link Mauve But it’s nice that way.
  19. Darlan He may keep it by using Jabber/XMPP.
  20. Neustradamus replace to Jabber/XMPP or only XMPP
  21. Darlan A GTalk-like (Jabber/XMPP) chat client <-- this would be a good (marketing) title in package managers.
  22. Darlan Agreed.
  23. Neustradamus but the website and software have several files...
  24. Link Mauve Darlan, GTalk is dead though.
  25. Darlan Link Mauve, you are correct, but it seems to be the most known variant.
  26. Darlan In no way, I would want to see GTalk in Gajim's code, just in description on website and in package managers.
  27. Link Mauve But it isn’t good advertizing to rely on the popularity of a dead software its editor replaced with a newer and incompatible one.
  28. Darlan What do you mean?
  29. Link Mauve They rolled gtalk out in favor of hangout.
  30. Darlan I know, but the word GTalk is still known in minds of others.
  31. Darlan Would Hangouts-like (Jabber/XMPP) be sound better to you?
  32. Link Mauve Not really.
  33. Darlan Hangout*-like
  34. Link Mauve I don’t like putting ads to proprietary services with closed protocols anywhere.
  35. Darlan Why?
  36. Link Mauve Because they suck.
  37. Darlan Agreed.
  38. Darlan Agreed. x2
  39. Darlan I want Gajim to be popular.
  40. Link Mauve You should analyze why other software are popular, and try to bring their good points to Gajim.
  41. Darlan Personally, Gajim is not my preferred XMPP client. I use Gajim to see how to make it better because it seems to me the best XMPP client for new and novice computer users.
  42. Darlan They are popular die to marketing, due to power of some sources to bring given words and phrases to you.
  43. Darlan Do you have Cable/Satellite-connected TV at home? YOU WOULD DO MOST OF WHAT IT WOULD TELL YOU.
  44. Link Mauve I don’t.
  45. Darlan Most people do, I believe.
  46. Darlan Jitsi is a very well refined software, but it is not so popular.
  47. Link Mauve Java is a turn-off to me. ^^'
  48. Link Mauve If you dislike long loading times, Java is really not for you.
  49. Darlan Regardless, I am aiming at non techie users.
  50. Darlan IRC seems to be used by free software communities, gamers and underground communities. IRC is known for decades (or over a decade) and it is reliable. ICQ (which has nothing that IRC does not have) took over, for some time, because of marketing and it kept its popularity (maybe) because of its fancy UI and nonsensical games it provided.
  51. Link Mauve Didn’t ICQ have a roster?
  52. Darlan Yes.
  53. Link Mauve Anyway, here in France it wasn’t known at all.
  54. Darlan Romania mostly using YIM.
  55. Darlan What was known on France at that time?
  56. Link Mauve MSN mostly.
  57. Darlan Pidgin has a roster in which you can store IRC contacts. I think there is a GTK+3 app that behaves like ICQ.
  58. Darlan I think this IRC client
  59. Darlan The major difference against ICQ or MSN is that it has no advertisement bar :-P
  60. Link Mauve Oh wow, I didn’t remember it being a thing.
  61. Link Mauve But I was using some kind of plugin to remove any ad.
  62. Darlan I remember these extra software :-)
  63. Darlan I think it was called "Mess" something.
  64. Darlan >You should analyze why other software are popular, and try to bring their good points to Gajim. I am looking at DMOZ against Wikipedia and I ask myself how is it that DMOZ is not embraced by at least the same amount of people as of Wikipedia, DMOZ is a much more concise resource for references and is better than Wikipedia for that cause
  65. Darlan Some people decided to be human-pigs and have centralized traffic to few destinations. DMOZ should be as popular as Wikipedia, at least.
  66. Darlan Even FSF has its own Free Software Directory instead of making some sort of partnership with DMOZ of AOL, but maybe they did try. The format of FSF Directory is different than the one of DMOZ.