Gajim - 2015-03-20

  1. bullgard4 [Debian Wheezy] Gajim 0.15.1 worked all right but ~14 days ago tells me wrongly: "This i no chat room. is not the name of a chat room" and I cannot join this chat room any longer. This statement is wrong. Prove: My Pidgin joins this chat room flawlessly (as Gajim did before. How to fix this?
  2. bullgard4 s/before/before)/
  3. bullgard4 There is installed a Plugin Off-The-Record Encryption version 1.7.7. Is this version the appropriate one?
  4. Link Mauve bullgard4, find that JID in your roster, and remove it.
  5. Link Mauve You inadvertently added it as a contact.
  6. Link Mauve And this bug should definitely get fixed…
  7. bullgard4 Link mathieui The "roster" is the list that appears in the Gajim dialog window? In the Gajim dialog window there is no entry.
  8. bullgard4 Link Mauve: "The "roster" is the list that appears in the Gajim dialog window? In the Gajim dialog window there is no entry .
  9. Link Mauve I’m almost sure this is that bug, make sure you haven’t changed its name or something.
  10. bullgard4 What is the filename of "roster"?
  11. Link Mauve It isn’t a filename, it’s your contacts list.
  12. Link Mauve But ~/.cache/gajim/cache.db is where it’s stored locally.
  13. Link Mauve It’s a sqlite3 database.
  14. bullgard4 Link Mauve: My contact list does not contain a entry.
  15. Link Mauve Hmm, then I don’t know.
  16. Link Mauve Try enabling Gajim’s debug logs (-v option) and look into that.
  17. dicson bullgard4, I can join . find that JID in your roster, and remove it.
  18. dicson press ctrl+0 and type debian
  19. bullgard4 dicson, that JID is not in my roster.
  20. dicson it is impossible
  21. bullgard4 debian
  22. dicson екн
  23. dicson try search in roster
  24. dicson
  25. bullgard4 dicson, My roster is not that long that I could miss the entry
  26. Link Mauve dicson, a good solution for that issue would be, when the user tried to join a MUC that is in the roster, to pop a dialog asking him for removal.
  27. Link Mauve And imo, same for when the user adds a MUC to his roster, it should disco#info and ask him if he really wants to do that.
  28. bullgard4 debian
  29. bullgard4 debian
  30. dicson I agree. they can not even find the contact at roster. I know a lot of cases
  31. dicson bullgard4, click in roster
  32. bullgard4 debian
  33. Link Mauve This is the single most common issue people come here with. :/
  34. dicson click in roster!
  35. bullgard4 dicson: In contrast to your Gajim window I am missing the left-hand pane titled "debian". How to create a left-hand pane "debian"?
  36. dicson click in roster and type debian
  37. bullgard4 debian
  38. dicson :'-(
  39. dicson bullgard4, are you have mouse?
  40. bullgard4 dicson, If I click in the roster and type "debian", there wil appear an input line containing "debian" text. If I press now "Enter", this input line disappears, but no new left-hand pane appears.
  41. bullgard4 No I am using no mouse but rather a touchpad.
  42. Link Mauve bullgard4, don’t press enter, just right-click on the entry and remove it.
  43. bullgard4 Link Mauve: Now I just right-clicked on an entry in the roster, a new input line at the lower-right appeared. I typed in »debian«. I did not press Enter. But nothing else happens.
  44. dicson bullgard4, try ctrl+O (show offline contacts) and search by eyes...
  45. bullgard4 dicson, I assume that in your ctrl+O the »O« is the capital letter O as in »Oscar«. This command has no effect.
  46. bullgard4 I will abandon Gajim for a short while and return using '~$ gajim -v'.
  47. dicson View - show offline contacts and show transports
  48. dicson bullgard4,
  49. bullgard4 dicson: Is your message "[16:08:39] dicson: View - show offline contacts and show transports" meant to explain to me what the command '~$ gajim -v' is to do?
  50. dicson no
  51. bullgard4 dicson, I have looked upon . What do you want to tell me about it?
  52. dicson bullgard4, show all contacts in roster(online and offline) and transports and search
  53. bullgard4 dicson I have now asserted Gajim > View > offline contacts as well. Now The roster shows an entry "". Its icon has a question mark in the lower right.
  54. dicson yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  55. bullgard4 Yes!
  56. dicson remove this contact from roster
  57. bullgard4 And what am I going to do next?
  58. bullgard4 Ok will try to do.
  59. bullgard4 Done.
  60. dicson join the room
  61. bullgard4 What should I do next?
  62. dicson fixed
  63. bullgard4 Apparently yes, fixed. I joined and was able to send there a message "test". I will now quit Gajim and re-start Gajim in order to see if the change is permanent.
  64. dicson :-)
  65. bullgard4 dicson, I restarted Gajim. is still available to me. - Thank you very much for your enduring help.
  66. dicson bullgard4, Say this for Link Mauve ;-)
  67. Link Mauve ^^
  68. bullgard4 dicson, I will tell that Link Mauve too.
  69. bullgard4 Link Mauve: dicson helped me to the decisive tip: Show in the roster offline contacts as well. Now I found a »" contact, deleted it and now my Gajim works normally again. - Thank you for your enduring help.