Gajim - 2015-03-19

  1. NUF hey there, I was already looking in the advanced config, but didnt find. Is it possible to get rid of "recipient-unavailable" errors? because they are just a bug and annoying :)
  2. Link Mauve Huh, they aren’t a bug, or maybe in the other client’s side.
  3. NUF im avaiable and get the messages;)
  4. Link Mauve When you receive a recipient-unavailable error, it means the *other* client is unavailable, not you.
  5. NUF my friend got the error
  6. NUF concerning me
  7. Link Mauve Then there is definitely an error, did you send him that?
  8. NUF each time, im swithcing of my pc (even if we didnt chat 20min)
  9. Link Mauve Do you suspend it?
  10. NUF but my mobile is still online and offline msg and mam is active
  11. Link Mauve This might be a server issue.
  12. NUF yes
  13. NUF i was discussing in prosody chat about it now
  14. Link Mauve Then this isn’t the right room. :p
  15. NUF yesyes i know...
  16. Link Mauve Oh, I haven’t caught up with the backlog yet. :x
  17. NUF just its an "unsolved" problem... and until this I would like to just hide it ;)
  18. Link Mauve Hiding errors is a Bad Thing™.
  19. NUF no, because this error is anyway unnessesary
  20. NUF and for non-nerds they are just confusing
  21. Link Mauve Are lost messages not more confusing?
  22. Link Mauve Aren’t lost messages more confusing?
  23. NUF XEP-0184
  24. NUF is handling this
  25. NUF very well
  26. NUF Message Delivery Receipts
  27. Link Mauve Not every client supports it though. :(
  28. NUF of course, but the clients all around me do ^^
  29. NUF therefore i would like to hide this ;)
  30. Link Mauve I don’t think there is an option for that, but you could modify the source code if you really want…
  31. NUF that is possible in principle. but I was never patient enought to compile gajim for windows, what would be nessesary for my friend ^^
  32. Link Mauve Gajim is written in Python, no compilation required. :)
  33. NUF To run the sourcecode you need alot of stuff installed, as I saw in the documentation
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