Gajim - 2015-03-11

  1. Natureshadow Where can I report a bug in nbxmpp?
  2. Natureshadow The nbxmpp trac is broken
  3. Asterix Natureshadow: why is it broken?
  4. Natureshadow Because it vomits out something about a spamfilter table gone nuts instead of adding a ticket ;)
  5. Asterix I delete about 20-30 spam account created on trac every day, so yes We are spammed a lot, and yes I have to put a spam filter ... sorry about that
  6. Natureshadow And throwing SQL errors is a feature of that filter then?
  7. Natureshadow How does a legitimate user create a ticket?
  8. Asterix which SQL error?
  9. Natureshadow I will copy it later
  10. veganvincent Hi, I'm not able to connect to server with gajim from mercurial :S Debug:
  11. Link Mauve veganvincent, sorry about that bot, it should be properly configured. :/
  12. Link Mauve As for your error, the default branch hasn’t been updated in quite a long time, for now it’s better to use the gajim_0.16 branch imo.
  13. veganvincent ok thanks :) I will try ...