Gajim - 2015-03-10

  1. Johannes Is there some sort of CI in place for Gajim?
  2. Natureshadow Corporate Identity? Continuous Integration? Common Interface? Côte d'Ivoire?
  3. Link Mauve Natureshadow, the second one would be my guess.
  4. Link Mauve And if so, no Johannes.
  5. Johannes Link Mauve, indeed, the second one.
  6. Link Mauve There wouldn’t be much to test, anyway.
  7. pep. Because there are no tests? or because you're sure there's no bug
  8. pep. Because there's no test? or because you're sure there's no bug
  9. Link Mauve There are almost no tests, currently.
  10. Link Mauve pep., in English zero is plural, fyi.
  11. pep. k
  12. pep. thanks
  13. pep. another weird rule of english
  14. Link Mauve Yeah. ^^'
  15. Johannes I'ld actually find it pretty usefull to be able to continuously create packages for the OS's or see if stuff does not build anymore. aside from code quality
  16. arune is there some plugin that integrates the open tabs into the contact list?
  17. arune I'd like to use the roster list like to sections, the first section is a list of open conversations and the second section is the contact list
  18. Natureshadow pep., to be precise, zero is plural for countable things, e.g. bugs, and singular for others, e.g. "there is no confusion"
  19. Link Mauve Johannes, ah, then there are nightlies already.
  20. pep. Well, it seems weirder than "plural for everything"
  21. Link Mauve For Debian only, AFAIK.
  22. pep. Why did they had to make a distinction between countable and not countable stuff ><
  23. Johannes Link Mauve, why select only debian stuff if there are nightlies anyway?
  24. Link Mauve Nightlies were just made for .deb, and nobody proposed anything else.
  25. b_b plop
  26. azerttyu yop
  27. b_b héhé
  28. b_b vous ici ? oO
  29. b_b :p
  30. b_b bon
  31. b_b someone could tell me if i have to make a ticket for a translation bug ?
  32. b_b i see it every day in FR :
  33. b_b "Le serveur à défini ou *midifié* votre Surnom de salon"
  34. b_b midifié/modifié
  35. kruks23 Hello, I'm using version 0.16.1 and I have some accounts configured. In these accounts I have the same contact in more than one account. when I open conversation with this contact, the previous messages are from other accounts
  36. Asterix b_b: fixed, thanks
  37. Asterix kruks23: yes, Gajim saves logs with the contact with which you talked, but not from which account you talked from.
  38. Asterix that doens't really matter fom which JID you talked to him ...
  39. kruks23 ah ok
  40. kruks23 I have another problem
  41. kruks23 I have MAM on my server. Sometimes when I start gajim there are a lot of notifications of messages that were delivered in other client
  42. Asterix IIRC there should not be notifications ...
  43. Asterix but as prosody doesn't support MAM in its last released version, I haven't tested it a lot ...
  44. kruks23 only happen sometimes
  45. kruks23 my server runs ejabberd
  46. Asterix is it the last version of MAM that they implement?
  47. kruks23 yes
  48. Asterix Gajim implements 0.3
  49. kruks23
  50. Asterix I'm unable to read erlang ...
  51. Asterix README doesn't specify which version they implement
  52. kruks23 I think is version 0.3 too
  53. kruks23 the developer started to implement that two months ago and the previus version (0.2) is from 2013
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  55. Asterix yes it's mam:0, so it's 0.3
  56. kruks23 if you need a server running ejabberd with mam you can use for testing
  57. b_b ↑ thx Asterix :)
  58. b_b ++
  59. Asterix kruks23: ok thanks. I don't have time for now, but will try to keep that in mem
  60. kruks23 thank you asterix!
  61. Holger Yes, the ejabberd module implements MAM 0.3.
  62. Link Mauve Asterix, if someday you have time, having chatstates support in MUCs would be awesome. :)
  63. Asterix yes ....
  64. Asterix if ....
  65. Holger kruks23, Asterix: I think I don't get desktop notifications on messages delivered via MAM, but they're marked as new instead of just silently being added to the history.
  66. Asterix they should not go in chat window indeed and just silently be added to history.
  67. Natureshadow Asterix, today my roster reappeared; it broke again two days ago and I didn't fix it manually, it just reappeared today
  68. Natureshadow And will likely break again tomorrow
  69. Asterix very strange. It's years roster versionning is implemented, I use it every day (and many other users) and nobody has your problem :/
  70. Natureshadow Hmm
  71. Natureshadow What can I do to debug it? Tracing in Python is a mess
  72. Natureshadow I should note that I am connected to three accounts and only one has this issue