Gajim - 2015-03-09

  1. 007 there a guy made spybot to check if someone is not in friend list and if he is invisible or offline, we can check using that spybot, i just want source code of that bot or any xml to do the same as that bot.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7993 ("jid malformed" in one-to-one chat) created Bug description Since version 0.16, every one-to-one chat we start begins with "jid-malformed" (see screenshot). This did not happen in 0.16-rc2 or earlier. We're using user@example jids for convenience (instead of user@…) as it's an internal service only. Steps to reproduce Software versions OS version: GTK version: PyGTK version:
  3. Johannes is there any way to have the tabs in conversation view of gajim aligned in multiple rows instead of scrolling?
  4. mathieui I don’t think so
  5. mathieui but you can have a vertical list instead, which is much more readable imo
  6. Link Mauve Set tabs_position to left in the ACE, for that.
  7. Link Mauve It makes a much better use of those 16:9 screens everybody use nowadays…
  8. Johannes thanks, Link Mauve I'll give that a try
  9. Johannes I'll have to restart gajim for this i assume?
  10. Link Mauve Johannes, I think so.
  11. Asterix closing and reopening all chat windows should be enough ...
  12. Asterix (not 100% sure)
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7994 (Roster versioning issues) created Bug description On a regular basis, Gajim fails to load the roster from the server and shows it as empty. The issue is related to roster versioning. Removing the current roster version in ACE fixes the issue until it reappears after some Gajim restarts. Steps to reproduce No stable way of reproduction found. Software versions OS version: Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 (jessie/testing) amd[…]