Gajim - 2015-03-08

  1. user0 Hello. Does anyone experience an effect of Gajim roster traveling from right to left upon minimizing to tray and restoring in the latest (4.12.0) xfwm4? I'm asking, because I can't decide whether this should go to Gajim or XFCE bugtracker.
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  6. 007 How to check contact is invisible or off-line if someone is not in friend list ? any XML script ?
  7. SamWhited 007: being able to distinguish between appearing offline and actually offline would rather defeat the purpose of having "appear offline" in the first place.
  8. user0 Especially considering the "not in friend list" part ;). Yet while this would defeat the purpose, the purpose has no influence on potential implementation bugs.
  9. user0 Implementation or definition, as both can cause leaking of the status to non-authorized parties.