Gajim - 2015-03-03

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  2. aidecoe hello
  3. aidecoe topic is out of date ;-)
  4. aidecoe mathieui, ↑
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  7. Link Mauve set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16.1 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New Bugs at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!
  8. bullgard4 [Debian unstable] I installed Gajim 0.16-1. I set up a jabber account. When trying to connect to the associated Jabber server, Gajim reports: "Unsecure connection. You are about to send your password via an unsecure connection. Are you sure that you want to do that? (It is advisable to install PyOpenSSL to remedy this problem.) What is meant by »PyOpenSSL«? A package? Debian does not offer a package named PYOpenSSL. I installed the package python3-openssl. Description: "Python 3 wrapper around the OpenSSL library." The message persists though.
  9. mathieui bullgard4, and python2-openssl?
  10. mathieui (0.16 is still python2, iirc)
  11. Link Mauve mathieui, on Debian it’s python-openssl for python2.
  12. Link Mauve bullgard4, also, you should install 0.16.1-1 instead of 0.16-1, which is the latest one.
  13. bullgard4 mathieui, I installed python-openssl. - Now my Gajim does not object insecure password transfer any more. - Thank ou very much for your help.
  14. bullgard4 Link Mauve: Thank you for your suggestion. Installing a newer Gajim version is not yet forseen in my Debian unstable version. I am not daring enough to upgrade to Debian experimental. There are not enough Debian discussion partners available for me.
  15. Link Mauve There is a repository for Debian users, here: