Gajim - 2015-02-28

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  4. mmlosh Uh.. I'm using gajim to connect to a jabber server that gives me "Login failure, check your password for correctness" for no reason from time to time. Can I hack gajim easily to try reconnecting just like for other server errors anyway?
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  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7977 (Gajim tries to connect automatically when it was disconnected) closed worksforme: Ok don't hesitate to report plugin bugs on their ​bugtracker.
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  10. NUF hm, just wanted to write him in this second xD
  11. Asterix NUF: me?
  12. NUF hehe yes Asterix, how are you?
  13. Asterix fine, thanks
  14. NUF thats good. I just wanted to inform you, that mam still doesnt work propertly, do you need something for debugging? examples or logs or something like that?
  15. Link Mauve Asterix, I resumed my year old work on Jingle in slixmpp!
  16. Link Mauve This time, I intend on getting it into upstream. :)
  17. Asterix NUF: on 16/2 I commited a fix for MAM, do you use it?
  18. Asterix which Gajim version do you use?
  19. Asterix Link Mauve: nice! Don't hesitate to tell me if you see wrong things in Gajim
  20. Link Mauve Of course. :)
  21. NUF i installed the nightly some days ago @asterix
  22. NUF but i can check later again
  23. Asterix what does help -> about says?
  24. NUF 0.16-be295ef9643c
  25. Asterix then it should be ok.
  26. Asterix So could you explain me what is wrong?
  27. NUF i just dont get the up to date logs ;)
  28. NUF which were postet while gajim wasoffline
  29. NUF or only some of them
  30. NUF one moment, i will make a dedicated test (brb)
  31. Asterix do you know what some means?
  32. Asterix Could you open XML console before connecting to get logs? Do you see a message that is in XML logs but not merged in logs?
  33. NUF hm ok
  34. NUF the testet messages i got now
  35. NUF i just noticed that one talk yesterday was not synced
  36. Asterix do you know if it's on server?
  37. NUF i will check
  38. Asterix if it's E2E encrypted it can't be sync'ed
  39. Asterix because we can force Gajim to resync it to debug that
  40. arune Asterix: did you see my rant from yesterday about my issue with gajim not reconnecting and how I solved it?
  41. Asterix no I didn't
  42. NUF hm Asterix, you are right, it is not on server, but I have no idea why, the other person cant use e2e
  43. NUF now this part is only on my mobile
  44. Asterix arune: ha tls only in ACE
  45. arune So I wrote a vbscript that runs at users login that changes users config
  46. arune But since gajim might start before the script is run the script has to kill gajim first
  47. Asterix I agree that ssl and plain should not be used. But if I remove that by default, noone will know how to connect to such servers :/
  48. arune And since I cannot kill gajim nicely on windows there is a risc that the cache and another file gets corrupted so gajim never start again. So the script has to remove those files as well
  49. arune So... A great hack to get this stable
  50. Asterix if I remove plain from default option, I have to add a GUI checkbox to enable it
  51. Link Mauve Asterix, it’s so insecure to do that, it’s very well hidden in the ACE imo.
  52. Link Mauve Only specific deployments (intranets for example) may allow plain connections.
  53. Link Mauve Even having a fallback in a dialog message is begging for MitM.
  54. mathieui Link Mauve, stuff like the new chrome UI sounds good
  55. Link Mauve mathieui, even for plain? :/
  56. mathieui PLAIN is still better than DIGEST-MD5
  57. Link Mauve I mean plain connection over no TLS.
  58. mathieui oh
  59. mathieui ew
  60. mathieui this sould be buried very deeply
  61. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15647:2a13c86246f0]: prepare 0.16.1 release prepare 0.16.1 release
  62. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15648:65ca00adf9d3]: gtk-spell-check icon is not available under windows gtk-spell-check icon is not available under windows
  63. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15649:33a5521fed87]: update debian folder update debian folder • WikiStart edited (diff) • Changeset [15650:3ea8b4238200]: Added tag gajim-0.16.1 for changeset 33a5521fed87 Added tag gajim-0.16.1 for changeset 33a5521fed87
  64. Asterix 0.16.1 released!
  65. NUF yeah!
  66. NUF *thumbs up*
  67. NUF than my windows friends can finally use mam ^^
  68. NUF I just got the question if there is an automatic updating feature under windows, I think not, or ?
  69. Asterix no ... we think it's os job to do that, which windows dos not :/
  70. NUF yes i know Asterix, that is one of the mostt annoying thing in windows, that ach program is spamming you seperately with update notifications
  71. Asterix time to sleep now, CU
  72. NUF for me too
  73. NUF good night Asterix
  74. Asterix GN
  75. Link Mauve Asterix, good job!
  76. Link Mauve And good night. :)
  77. Asterix ho forgot to update ...
  78. Asterix now I can sleep :)