Gajim - 2015-02-27

  1. arune So we figured out how to solve one issue we had with gajim at our company
  2. arune The problem was that related to some network disturbance that made gajim disconnect and the not reconnect after restart of gajim
  3. Link Mauve arune, due to what?
  4. arune (I got a disturbance from my douther right now, let you know later)
  5. arune What happened was that during the network disturbance gajim first tried to reconnect with TLS which failed, then SSL which failed, then with plain which was successful very shortly. Gajim then got disconnected again and after that only tried to reconnect with plain a few times until restarted
  6. arune Setting gajims connection methods in the advanced config editor to only allow TLS solves the issue within gajim
  7. Link Mauve Ah, makes sense.
  8. Link Mauve It should be the default. :x
  9. Link Mauve Trying plain is so insecure…
  10. arune The network disturbance was found, we run our prosody im server on a virtual Ubuntu machine under hyperv and during the nights when backup was running the machine froze causing disturbance for some clients sometimes
  11. arune I think this should also be fixed now, there's some deamon that should be installed in the virtual machines so that it knows then the backup is run
  12. arune But, the network disturbance also happened when there was some issues on the company's internet uplink, so the fix for gajim was necessary
  13. Link Mauve Imo that fix should go upstream, it’s a security hazard to reconnect as plain.
  14. Link Mauve If some user really want to connect without any kind of encryption, it should be possible for them to change that preference, but not the other way.
  15. arune It was very strange that it didn't even try TLS or SSL until restart if gajim!
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  18. 007 I've installed gajim on Ubuntu14.04LTS and XML terminal is not working
  19. 007 Hi Nuff
  20. NUF hiho Mr Bond