Gajim - 2015-02-25

  1. Johannes Is there any news on what the currently most supported server stored history system is?
  2. Johannes And I wonder what the current status of Gajim on OSX is
  3. Johannes The wiki entry on that seems unclear
  4. Holger Johannes: Well XEP-0136 is slowly but surely being replaced by MAM. But MAM is still very new, i.e. only in the development version of Gajim.
  5. Johannes Holger: so there is still no widespread server stored history thingy?
  6. Holger I think MAM is becoming more popular at the moment, but up to now the answer is probably "no".
  7. Johannes ok, good to know
  8. maufl Johannes: Conversations for Android supports MAM
  9. maufl and is in my opinion the best Android XMPP client
  10. Johannes indeed it is
  11. Johannes looks like the matching modules for the matching server are still beta and not supported in the current stable
  12. Johannes i"ll give it a look again later
  13. maufl yes, prosody 0.10 has a module for MAM but is not officially released yet
  14. maufl you can however install it from their debian repository
  15. Johannes so based on Gajim is not installable on osx anymore
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7977 (Gajim tries to connect automatically when it was disconnected) updated Ok, I was mistaken. It looks like it is the Gnome Session Manager plugin which automatically changes the status so Gajim connects when it was disconnected.