Gajim - 2015-02-18

  1. 007 hmm
  2. 007 i am using gajim 0.13
  3. 007 any newel released version ?
  4. 007 member me
  5. 007 hmm
  6. 007 i want to know about xml script , which i run by putting target some Nokia users are getting disconnected but not all , i.e Android and java
  7. 007 <iq to="" type="set" id="007"> <si xmlns="" id="DiscoResult" mime-type="text/plain" profile=""> <file xmlns="" name="Disconnect.bat" size="007"> <desc> </desc> </file> <feature xmlns=""> <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="form"> <field type="list-single" var="stream-method"> <option><value></value></option> </field> </x> </feature> </si> </iq>
  8. 007 <iq to="" type="set" id="007"><si xmlns="" id="DiscoResult" mime-type="text/plain" profile=""><file xmlns="" name="Disconnect.exe" size="007"><desc></desc></file><feature xmlns=""><x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="form"><field type="list-single" var="stream-method"><option><value></value></option></field></x></feature></si></iq>
  9. 007 I want to know why all are not getting disconnected ?
  10. 007 BRB
  11. azerttyu hi some pb with debian repo ?
  12. azerttyu Impossible de récupérer PASS incorrect, le serveur a répondu : Sorry, the maximum number of allowed clients (10) are already connected.
  13. azerttyu 10 is not many
  14. bert Hi, I'm a bit confused about the bugreport for XEP 0313 (MAM), is it implemented in a version of Gajim right now or not?
  15. Holger bert: It's merged into the current development code but not part of a stable release yet.
  16. bert Holger, I see, would it be in a regular checkout or is it on a seperate branch?
  17. bert (or are there multiple repo's)
  18. Holger bert: It would be in a regular checkout, which gives you the 'default' branch, which uses GTK+3. To stick to GTK+2, you could switch to the 'gajim_0.16' branch ("hg update -C gajim_0.16"), which contains the same MAM code.
  19. bert I'm fine with gtk3
  20. bert I think I already run the default branch on my laptop
  21. Holger Okay. From what I've read in this room, it should be mostly functional by now, I just didn't test it myself yet.
  22. Holger (The GTK+3 code, that is. I _did_ test the MAM code.)
  23. bert And how is the MAM-code, does it work well with the prosody community module?
  24. Holger For me it works well (since <> was merged), with the exception of the UI issue described in <>.
  25. Holger I've only tested it with ejabberd, though.
  26. bert Holger, doees 7974 also happen for MUCs?
  27. bert cause when I open Gajim it automatically opens one MUC
  28. bert and I want to receive history at that exact point
  29. Holger I'm not sure whether Gajim supports MUC MAM at all.
  30. bert oh :(
  31. bert that would suck, then I'd have to move to another client :S
  32. Holger I'm not sure any client supports MUC MAM at all.
  33. Holger Maybe it does, I just didn't check.
  34. Holger Is there a public MUC server with a MAM archive?
  35. bert I know swift by m-link/isode does, cause I spoke to one of the devs
  36. bert Holger, no idea, we are trying to get XMPP to replace my organisation's skype group chat
  37. Holger The Swiften library does, Swift does not so far.
  38. Holger As far as I know.
  39. bert Holger, the dev said they did since the last release
  40. bert but he might have been mistaken, we quickly chatted at FOSDEM
  41. Holger Swift's last release (2.0) is quite old and for does not include MAM support. And I'm also pretty sure the current Git code does not.
  42. bert then he must have been mistaken, or maybe I misunderstood
  43. Holger You could ask in <>. I'd be happy if I was wrong!
  44. bert at least I hope some clients support it, cause that really is the main feature we need
  45. bert Holger, I'd prefer if Gajim would work, swift is more of a last resort, it's a rather ugly and not very user friendly client :P
  46. bert I prefer pidgin over swift
  47. Holger The Android client Conversations supports MAM quite well, the next version will also support MUC archives I think. With Gajim you'll have to check, I dunno. I don't think any other desktop client supports MAM.
  48. bert We use Conversations on our phones :)
  49. bert we build it from the trunk from time to time
  50. Holger bert: After a quick look at the code, I think Gajim does support MUC archives. But yes, I would expect the same UI issues I described in that bug report.
  51. Holger You'll have to test.
  52. bert We'll test
  53. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15643:be295ef9643c]: Fix search button / server entry in join groupchat dialog Fix search button / server entry in join groupchat dialog
  54. Asterix SamWhited: thx
  55. Asterix MUC + MAM? if Gajim supports it, that's a real luck ! I never implemented that
  56. Holger Ah okay. I didn't check properly, I just saw a few "if 'groupchat' do this else do that" checks in the MAM patch.
  57. bert Holger, ah, cool :D
  58. Holger bert: I would definitely trust Asterix rather than me, sorry ;-)
  59. bert Oh, I see, I thought he meant that someone else wrote it
  60. bert but he means it's not implemented then?
  61. Holger bert: Well he's the Gajim maintainer :-) I just had a very quick look at the code.
  62. bert I presumed a large group of people was contributing ;)
  63. Asterix hmm reading the patch, that sounds implemented indeed ...
  64. Asterix (I wrote the patch ... a long time ago ...)
  65. Asterix I can easily enable that on my server (public) if someone want to test that
  66. Holger Asterix: If it's easy, I'd be interested.
  67. bert Asterix, what server software do you run?
  68. Link Mauve Prosody.
  69. Link Mauve It boils down to installing its version 0.10 (unreleased yet) and installing mod_mam_muc from prosody-modules.
  70. Asterix ho mod_mam_muc doesn't work with 0.9??
  71. Asterix ho mod_mam doens't wither ...
  72. Asterix ho mod_mam doesn't either ...
  73. Asterix no tb when enabling mod_mam, but tb when enabling mod_mam_muc
  74. Asterix so ok not possible to enable it on my server until they release 0.10
  75. Link Mauve Asterix, you can still upgrade.
  76. Link Mauve But yeah, it might be easier to install a test server somewhere.
  77. Asterix I don't have enough time to always upgrade all the software I run. And installing trunk means upgrading often probably.
  78. bert Well, we'll be testing anyway, so I'll just post the results here
  79. Asterix thanks
  80. bert hopefully my team gets to installing prosody soon (we currently run ejabberd, but it's not a success)
  81. Holger bert: But MAM works with the current release :-) No MUC-MAM yet, though.
  82. bert oh
  83. bert yeah, we don't really use anything but our main MUC
  84. Asterix according to, it doesn't work with 0.9
  85. Holger bert: Yes, I see.
  86. bert Asterix, I see, that's good to know, I'll relay that
  87. Holger Asterix: Yeah I meant ejabberd there, sorry.
  88. Asterix ha ok
  89. Holger I think for Prosody, an older mod_mam version which only does MAM 0.2 works with 0.9. I think Gajim supports both MAM 0.2 and 0.3?
  90. Holger Whatever, I'm not sure about these things.
  91. Asterix no, only latest protocol. It's quite complexe to support several version of a protocole when that are not compatible at all
  92. Asterix so only 0.3 for Gajim_0.16 branch
  93. Holger Ah ok.
  94. Asterix (and they will once again change the protocole soon according to the discussions I Read about this XEP) ...
  95. Holger Yup.
  96. bert Asterix, does that XEP have caveats then?
  97. Holger E.g. the MAM UID will be included in live messages, which I guess will be quite useful.
  98. Asterix caveats about what? that it's changing a lot?
  99. bert I just wonder why a spec needs changing
  100. bert I was expecting XEPs to be a bit like IETF standards, in that they don't really change after publication and they're tested for a long time before that
  101. Asterix because not everybody is ok with it. It's not yet released as draft, it's only Experimental
  102. SamWhited bert: They are once they're actually final specs, but MAM is still in beta basically :)
  103. bert oh, my bad xD
  104. Asterix once they are draft, they don't change that way
  105. Asterix BTW MattJ, your wiki page for prosody modules should include which version of the protocol you implement IMHO
  106. MattJ +1, I'll add that info
  107. MattJ But it's just the latest
  108. Asterix yes for MAM I know, I had to update Gajim because of that ;)
  109. Asterix Heu ... no, a contributor had to do it :D
  110. Link Mauve bert, people implementing experimental specs do it because they need the feature, and they are ready to upgrade to an incompatible version when it gets published.