Gajim - 2015-02-13

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  2. Maranda mathieui, do you deal with AUR's Gajim package?
  3. mathieui not at all
  4. Maranda Gajim needs python-nbxmpp >= 0.5.2 to run. Quiting...
  5. Maranda 3 aur/python2-nbxmpp-hg 136.51736d2c5fd2-1 [installed] (10)
  6. Maranda hmm hmm
  7. mathieui there are nbxmpp packages (both python 2 and 3) which seem to match this criteria
  8. mathieui in [extra]
  9. Maranda gajim-hg in aur hard depends on that though
  10. Maranda (python2-nbxmpp-hg)
  11. mathieui you can edit the pkbuild on the fly with most aur helpers
  12. mathieui pkgbuild*
  13. mathieui but yeah, that’s a bug
  14. SamWhited I left a comment about that a while back; didn't realize that it still wasn't fixed. I just changed it in my PKGBUILD myself (and then just switched to make install-ing it)