Gajim - 2015-02-12

  1. pep. @ping
  2. asfdasdf hi, how can i disable "Toggle End To End Encrption" so that only OTR (plugin) is used, becuase it sometimes happens that toggle e2e is used instead of OTR
  3. spicewiesel asfdasdf: advanced config editor, you can configure that for each account.
  4. asfdasdf spicewiesel‎, whats the name of it?
  5. asfdasdf i searched for "enc" and "togg" nut nothing. i'd like to see "toggle_end_to_end_encrption" for the next version
  6. asfdasdf so whats the name of it? looked through all the settings but can't find it
  7. spicewiesel asfdasdf‎: "enable_esessions"