Gajim - 2015-02-07

  1. NUF hey there: friend of mine has following problem with gajim on windows
  2. NUF each time, I reboot (from linux to windows, so I reconnect from one gajim to another (in the meanwhile an android client is persistent online)) he get alot of spam like "coulnd deliver message (receipient unavailable)", even if we didnt write something for have an hour or more
  3. NUF somebody encoutered something like that? otherwise I would examine the logs, but thats alot of work todo ^^
  4. 0xAFFE NUF, I do that a lot (switching from windows to linux and vice versa) and it never did occur to me
  5. NUF 0xAFFE: your buddies are using gajim?
  6. 0xAFFE I'm using gajim, on windows and on linux
  7. NUF im asking about your buddies, not you ;)