Gajim - 2015-01-28

  1. arune what is the difference of the config options "keep alive" and "ping alive"?
  2. arune astrix, if you're reading the logs, I've tried reproducing today, and gajim behavies well when just disconnecting the cable, or disconnecting the switch upstreams port
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  4. arune So I even tried connecting a d-link router between the computer and the network then disconnecting the router from the network, gajim still behaived correct :/
  5. aidecoe hello
  6. aidecoe are there any know issues wrt Jingle/video?
  7. Asterix arcade: ok thanks for the tests, so very hard to repro. Shutting down the xmpp server?
  8. Asterix aidecoe: some ppl report they can't make it work, but it's hard to have usefull debug info, and Gajim is not the only software in the loop, so it's hard to understand where the problem comes from.
  9. arcade wat?
  10. arcade I hadn't said anything...
  11. Asterix arune: , sorry
  12. Asterix autocompletion ...
  13. Fränk Hi, I have a problem with Gajim. If I connect with my laptop at work, then suspend the laptop and wake it up at home connecting to my wifi, gajim hangs. This means the GUI does not react to anything. If I disable the wifi connection, Gajim works again, but as soon as I enable the wifi connection again, Gajim hangs. Everything works well (i.e. suspend and awake the laptop) as long as I do not change the wifi network (from work to home or the other way around). Has anyone an idea what causes this problem?
  14. Asterix yes it's known. the DNS resolver doesn't want to give the IP when network changes.
  15. Fränk ah, ok
  16. Asterix I don't know why. If someone knows ...
  17. Asterix Gajim hangs on DNS resolution
  18. Fränk Is this problem in Gajim or some underlying library?
  19. Asterix
  20. Asterix there is a way to make it work using nscd
  21. Asterix it's a glibc problem according to
  22. Asterix
  23. Fränk interesting, but this seems to be a very old bug, right?
  24. Fränk and it should be fixed in current glibc?
  25. Asterix yes right
  26. Asterix it's what I'm reading
  27. Asterix then I don't have other idea. But using nscd should fix the problem for you
  28. Fränk sure, I will try, thanks (hope that this cache does not cause trouble with other programs ;))
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  30. Fränk Asterix, after searching a little bit there seems only to be a glibc specific solution that calls 'res_init()' in order to refresh the namesolver cache
  31. Asterix that's a pity ...
  32. Asterix
  33. Asterix it seems we can't call this res_init from python
  34. Fränk yes, it's not part of some standard interface like posix
  35. Fränk does gajim use the gobject library?
  36. Asterix yes
  37. Fränk then this could be a solution: the GResolver class can be used for name resolution and according to its source code it does call 'res_init()' if necessary
  38. Asterix then it's for py3, not py2. So not for Gajim 0.16
  39. Asterix time to sleep, GN