Gajim - 2015-01-27

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  2. arune Asterix, I got this issue where gajim won't reconnect and it seems like it falls back to ssl and plain and won't try tls again I even need to restart gajim to reconnect, do you think it will help with setting the config option connection_types to only tls?
  3. Asterix hmm very strange. ssl twice one after the other line 90-91 ...
  4. Asterix once gajim is disconnected, it retry with the type it was connected with last time
  5. Asterix IIRC it doesn't even try the other types ...
  6. Asterix except if you go offline manualy in the middle ...
  7. Asterix and it also seems there are several accounts connected that are mixed in the logs ...
  8. arune hm
  9. arune there should only be one account, to
  10. arune tls is tried once on line 74
  11. Asterix yes but I don't understand why ssl is tried twice one after the other for ex ...
  12. arune can we blaim Windows?
  13. Asterix and in the middle there is a 2015-01-20 16:59:39 (W) gajim.c.connection: No reply received for keepalive ping. Reconnecting.
  14. Asterix but it seems you're already disconnected ...
  15. arune I think I have logs from three different computers, from the same event, I can post one of the others
  16. arune maybe not as verbose:
  17. arune looks the same, keepalive ping on row 30, double-ssl on row 38-39
  18. Asterix are you able to repro that behaviour?
  19. Asterix yep indeed
  20. arune well, the internet was down, so I guess I have to way until next time
  21. arune wait
  22. arune I can try to just disconnect my computer tomorrow
  23. Asterix if you unplus ethernet cable for ex ?
  24. Asterix if you unplug ethernet cable for ex ?
  25. arune I can test, maybe that will be handled differently then if the computer still has network but cannot connect to the im-server
  26. Asterix yep ... of course ... but if we find a way to repro, it's easier to debug
  27. arune for sure!
  28. arune Asterix, another question, not as important, is it possible to get rid of the message "Any occupant is allowed to see your full JID" at every reconnect in every MUC?
  29. arune (except makin MUCs moderator only allowed to see jid)
  30. Asterix not every MUC, only every public MUC
  31. arune we only use "public" mucs for our company server
  32. Asterix it's possible only by modifying the code
  33. arune ok
  34. Asterix I can tell you where if you're interested
  35. arune sure!
  36. SamWhited I've wondered about that as well; as far as I'm concerned my JID is a public identifier (like an email), so an option to disable warnings about it would be nice.
  37. arune (we use public mucs to be able to get pep avatars in rooms)
  38. Asterix in
  39. Asterix def _nec_gc_presence_received()
  40. Asterix you'll easily find the string
  41. Asterix if '100' in obj.status_code: # Can be a message (see handle_event_gc_config_change in # self.print_conversation( _('Any occupant is allowed to see your full JID'))
  42. arune just comment those lines?
  43. Asterix if we don't show those strings, an occupant won't know how the room is configured (logged or not, jid public or not...)
  44. Asterix cmment only the print_conversation
  45. arune thanks
  46. arune this is the relased tag?
  47. Asterix yep
  48. arune the steps here should work also for latest tag?
  49. Asterix hmm yep. Maybe links don't point to the latest versions, but that should work
  50. arune hm, wow, not sure I'll be able to set up all that build environment, but maybe some day I'll try
  51. arune maybe would be easier to convince everybody to switch to a better OS
  52. Asterix it's easier under linux I agree ...
  53. arune :)