Gajim - 2015-01-22

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7955 ( down - Trac Environment needs to be upgraded) closed fixed
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #100 (Closing chat window for contact tears down OTR session) created Currently, closing a chat window tears down the OTR session. Each time a new chat window is opened, a new OTR session must be negotiated. I'm somewhat of a compulsive window closer, so if I'm not actively chatting I like to close the chat window for a contact. This is driving some of my Adium using contacts crazy, because […]
  3. Natureshadow "Gajim does not work at all. It's a completely f*ucked up client." - "Huh? Why's that?" - "Message receipts do not work. Where can I see them in Gajim 0.13.4?" - "Gajim WHAT?"
  4. Natureshadow Guy, fix your century ...
  5. Natureshadow Well, turns out it's the latest version ... working with Python 2.5 ;)
  6. Link Mauve Oh wow.
  7. Link Mauve “Python 2.5 was released on September 19th 2006.”
  8. Link Mauve … and I’m already using Python 3.5 instead.
  9. Natureshadow Well I left the discussion where he expected upstream support for that setup
  10. Natureshadow *when
  11. Natureshadow Oh, but he kept it up on Twitter with a blatant lie: "Old harmful thing: making software that only runs on Windows®. New one: making FOSS software & services that can only be used with #Linux"
  12. Natureshadow Hmm, I think explaining that any *BSD more recent than 2006 would quite possibly work out fine as well is beyond that mind
  13. SamWhited I think he'd be more correct if he said "that can only be used on not-Windows"... I'm certainly guilty of this practice.
  14. Natureshadow He is refering specifically to Gajim, cowardly hiding behind the fact that this relation can only be seen by aligning his timeline with another channel
  15. Natureshadow And Gajim even runs fine in Windows
  16. SamWhited If your python/gtk app doesn't run on pretty much every OS you're probably doing something seriously wrong...