Gajim - 2015-01-21

  1. arune so I got some logs on the issue we have
  2. arune there seems to be some kind of network issue at our office
  3. arune so Gajim gets disconnected, it tries to reconnect a few times (first tries tls, then ssl, then plain)
  4. arune but after a few retries Gajim gives up and gives a messagebox with a standard could not connect error
  5. arune but even if I click ok on the messagebox and tries to reconnect manually it seems like Gajim only tries plain which isnt accepted by the server, I need to restart Gajim to log in again!
  6. arune here's the log:
  7. arune this happens to all computers at our office at the same time, leaving Gajim disconnected for everybody :(
  8. arune Im thinking about changing connection_types to only tls and changing connecting_for_foo_secs to 1200 instead of 60
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