Gajim - 2015-01-20

  1. spicewiesel For some weeks now I have problems with Gajim and PGP. If my passphrase is not yet cached gajim triggers the pinentry. I put in my passphrase but Gajim tells me that it was wrong and the PGP plugin is not working. But: It works. I just tested it some minutes ago. Is that a known issue? Could I help with any logs/outputs?
  2. spicewiesel I tested with different pinentry dialogs (gtl-2, qt), seems to make no difference.
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  5. spicewiesel this is what Gajim telss me: "You configured Gajim to use OpenPGP agent, but there is no OpenPGP agent running or it returned a wrong passphrase. You are currently connected without your OpenPGP key."
  6. NUF hm, how does the last message correction works?
  7. SamWhited NUF: Press Ctrl+Up.
  8. SamWhited And press it again to cancel if you change your mind.
  9. NUF ah, thanks
  10. NUF oh, yes, it works great. just pity that its not so popular
  11. SamWhited I'm a big fan too; in fact, I'm working on adding (read-only) support to Conversations for Android as we speak.
  12. NUF yes, that would be nice, im using it too SamWhited
  13. NUF just strange... the logs is not right
  14. NUF that mam doesnt support it i already expected, but the local gajim history store two messages, too
  15. NUF SamWhited: is it in general compatible with carbons (xep 280) and mam (xep 313) ?
  16. SamWhited NUF: Yah, message correction is pretty simple, shouldn't cause problems with either.
  17. SamWhited You may get a few duplicate (with slight changes) messages on clients that don't support it is all.
  18. NUF SamWhited: ah, maybe its intendet, that the archive stores both messages? i see now, that the second message has the hint, that it is an correction to thee other
  19. NUF just gajim log doesnt show it correctly
  20. NUF as i see the correction is just normal message with special attribute, so it should be at least compatible with everything
  21. NUF does it work in muc?
  22. NUF does it work in muc? -> yes ^^
  23. SamWhited NUF: Yah, it's a pretty simple XEP. If there's a problem, it's probably the clients displaying things wrong :)
  24. SamWhited If the remote client doesn't support correction, you're not supposed to send them message corrections (I think Gajim does anyways), but even if you have clients that behave this way, carbons may be sent anyways (if you're not also marking the corrections with no-copy)
  25. spicewiesel SamWhited, conversation shows the original message and the correct just like 2 normal messages
  26. SamWhited spicewiesel: As far as it knows currently, they are two separate messages. Message correction is designed to work that way if the client doesn't support it.
  27. spicewiesel okay, then everything is fine :)
  28. SamWhited Message corrections is one of the few XMPP features that I think was designed correctly :) (read, "simple and not ridiculously overengineered")
  29. spicewiesel hehe
  30. NUF :)
  31. spicewiesel I would be happy to get rid of these annoying messages
  32. spicewiesel imho it only happens with stream managed servers/clients, already talked about it with Holger :)
  33. spicewiesel I get hundreds of them all over the day and it will kill my nerves sooner or later...
  34. Holger Yeah, that's most probably error bounces generated by stream management if a session wasn't resumed. I still wonder whether Gajim shows all such error stanzas, including those that were generated for <presence/> stanzas (at least those should be ignored, IMO).
  35. Holger should check the code.
  36. SamWhited It definitely used to, but I don't see as many of those as I did, so maybe they turned it down a bit (I used to get in a loop where I'd open a contact to check a message, the message would just be those errors, and then it would request presence info or something because I opened the contact so I'd get more of those errors)
  37. spicewiesel I got around 100 of those messages in the last 20min, just from one contact :)