Gajim - 2015-01-19

  1. arune hello, I have some connectivity issues, some mornings when I come back to gajim it's been disconnected but does not reconnect automatically (windows)
  2. arune another computer on the same network with gajim is still connected (ubuntu)
  3. arune many co-workers use windows computers and gajim so I would like to find the cause
  4. arune how do I set up logging to get some timestamps when this happens? maybe I can check the windows event logs for that time to see if there is anything special
  5. arune anyone? :)
  6. Asterix Hi arune
  7. Asterix you can always run gajim -v or go in ACE, enable "verbose" option and restart. There will be a lot of logs in appdata\roaming\gajim\
  8. arune Asterix, the problem is that this happens like some nights per week, or even once per week
  9. arune would it be possible to narrow down the logging?
  10. Asterix Does the IP change?
  11. arune don't think so, the wireless IP maybe changes but Ive configured windows to prefere wired network
  12. Asterix you could try running Gajim with those options: -l gajim.c.resolver=DEBUG -l gajim.c.connection=DEBUG
  13. Asterix debug will be very small
  14. NUF Hey Asterix. I was wondering if it would be useful to include a button to get all mam log manually. At the moment the sync works only for half of the message
  15. Asterix is there a bug in our mam implementation?
  16. Asterix why only half is sync'ed
  17. NUF that is my other question ;)
  18. NUF i was not investigating it yet, which is sync and which not. i just noticed it
  19. NUF was on a jouney over weekend and used mobile to chat
  20. NUF and when I opend gajim now i saw that soem logs i have
  21. NUF and some only monologes
  22. Asterix maybe you don't remember that you were talking to your soul? ;)
  23. NUF maybe :)
  24. NUF but on mobile i have dialogues ;)
  25. NUF in server database i will look later
  26. NUF there are propertly some ghosts in the wifi xD
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  28. Asterix Hi SamWhited
  29. Asterix I just commited your patches. Thanks
  30. SamWhited Awesome; thank you.
  31. Asterix I just changed str(bytes, encoding='utf-8') to bytes.decode('utf-8')
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  34. crow Hi have some weird account (not in my contact list) which speem me with the: Fehler beim Senden von Nachricht ( service-unavailable ) , i cannot remmeber that i added his gmail address to my account. Is there way to investigate this?
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  36. NUF A friend of mine get the same error from me, nevertheless the messages arrived. Just had no time up to now to investigate. But have exact logs for the moment which i will look at later.