Gajim - 2015-01-17

  1. sezuan Hi! I noticed a strange behaviour with gajim 0.16 and pep/geoloc. It seems that only the first connected account will send the geoclue results. The other accounts will send some other data, I guess the last know result (geoloc or explicit set by the 'set location' plugin)
  2. Asterix hmm I haven't tested that ... Could you open a ticket and write a way to reproduce? with XML that would help
  3. sezuan Asterix: Ok, I'll do that. Is a bit strange. Maybe it happens only when you use the set location plugin. Shall I report it in this case, too?
  4. Asterix if you could try with and without the plugin to be sure that's the problem that would be nice
  5. sezuan Ok. Thanks.
  6. sezuan Where are the account information stored? It seems not sufficient to remove .local/shares/gajim and .cache/gajim.
  7. SamWhited sezuan: check ~/.config/gajim
  8. Asterix .config/gajim
  9. Asterix but you'll loose everything
  10. SamWhited Your money, your kids, your home... all gone.
  11. Asterix ;)
  12. SamWhited </melodramatic>
  13. SamWhited Sorry, a brief moment of silliness.
  14. sezuan Pah! I can even copy my money, kids, home AND wife :D
  15. SamWhited hah; life insurance == backups is a disturbing notion
  16. sezuan Btw, is the duplicate entry in keyring a know issue?
  17. sezuan I think when I remove and add an account, there will be two entries in the keyring. The funny thing is, when I change the password, the second entry will be changed, but gajim will use the first entry, that it founds.
  18. Asterix yes it's known (at least by me) but I never took time to have a look at this issue ...
  19. Asterix we should check if it exists before creating it
  20. sezuan I needed a while to figure it out ;)
  21. SamWhited GTK3 branch _really_ doesn't like it if you force the plugin installer to be enabled and then try to query the FTP server for plugins (crashes with an X error, of all things; haven't tried it on Wayland to see if it's any different there)
  22. SamWhited (granted, that's if you modify the manifest so the plugin installer shows up, even though it's probably not supported at all yet, so it's a bit of a contrived failure)
  23. SamWhited Just not the type of error I would have expected.
  24. SamWhited Amusing error in the GTK3 branch (possibly others?): If someone joins a MUC with the nick "info", all of their messages show up as info messages (in the style of the room subject and what not)
  25. Link Mauve SamWhited, isn’t that because most plugins still use PyGTK and not GTK+ 3.x?
  26. Link Mauve Re: the plugin installer’s X11 crash.
  27. SamWhited Link Mauve: Could be, I fetched the version from the gtk3 folder on the ftp server, but I didn't actually look to see what it was using (I didn't actualy expect it to work either; just thought I'd look)
  28. SamWhited It seemed to actually integrate properly though (eg. I did have the tabs and what not), so I'd think it would have to be using the gobject stuff properly (but I've never used non-gobjectintrospection PyGTK)
  29. Link Mauve Ok.