Gajim - 2015-01-15

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7928 (Always send when messages are encrypted) created problem Gajim sends tags only when carbons are enabled in the local client. This leads to CC if only your chat partner has carbons enabled. enhancement recommendation Always sending private tags on encrypted messages would prevent the CC if message carbons are enabled by any chat member.
  2. tobias Is there any known problem with gajim 0.16 / windows and mucs? i am unable to see any muc chat messages (also in history) but i am able to write messages to other clients (linux) (that are alos not seen on windows side)
  3. tobias one-one chat is working without any problem
  4. tobias oh, a first restart after installation solved the issue
  5. tobias thanks :)
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7929 (The Benefits Of Paleo Dieet Weight Loss Products) created A short while ago Health and fitness Product examination World Report introduced its once-a-year ranking with the thirty two finest eating plans for fat reduction and well being plans. The paleo diet include in best 5 excess weight loss process. I will explain why I continue to feel the paleo eating plan really should be with the major from the position of meal plans. Genuinely the pa[…] https://trac.gajim.[…]
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7919 (Gajim shows an "X" when the other side does not support delivery receipts) created When I'm using my irssi-xmpp to talk to people using Gajim with delivery receipts enabled, they get a red "X", which makes them think the message didn't go through, instead of just not getting a green check, since my client does not support delivery receipts yet.
  8. NUF_ hey their, i have again strange problems. i just reactivated a second account (my testing account) in my gajim (from there im now writing) and added him as buddy to my main account. just now my main account is broken. when i connect gajim gives me utf error and doesnt show any rooster.
  9. NUF_ somebody any idea what to check? my xml console is terribly big, and is still running after the error, so i cant see in which line the error is
  10. SamWhited NUF_: Does his JID contain any strange unicode codepoints (emoticons or anything)
  11. NUF_ no
  12. NUF_ just latin letters and one number
  13. NUF_ they where already buddies earlier
  14. NUF_ were
  15. NUF_ and on another client it doesnt give any problems
  16. NUF AS you can see here ;)
  17. NUF_ just this is on my mobile ^^
  18. NUF Hm.. In which folder does gajim save the account information? Would like to make it clean. Just ~/local/share/gajim isn't it
  19. SamWhited NUF: ~/.config/gajim
  20. Link Mauve ~/.local/share/gajim, ~/.config/gajim, and ~/.cache/gajim
  21. Link Mauve Depends on which kind of informations you meant.
  22. NUF OK thanks
  23. NUF Hm ok. Didn't help. My gajim is crashing after requesting the rooster
  24. SamWhited imagines that Gajim just REALLY wants a cockerel for some reason
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  28. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #102 (Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses) created offers that may plus size costumes for men. My personal favorite is the Werewolf which is coming in at $49.99. The costumes includes a red and black plaid shirt with tattered hem, faux fur werewolf hands with claws and faux fur werewolf masque. The only thing you have to provide is the dockers! The costume fits up to 300 pounds. To purchase this plus size costume[…] https://trac-plugins.gajim.or[…]
  29. Asterix NUF: you see some error in console?
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7919 (Gajim shows an "X" when the other side does not support delivery receipts) created When I'm using my irssi-xmpp to talk to people using Gajim with delivery receipts enabled, they get a red "X", which makes them think the message didn't go through, instead of just not getting a green check, since my client does not support delivery receipts yet.
  31. NUF No Asterix. The roster query is the last entry
  32. Asterix ha non vous n'avez pas pris de TP, c'est juste que je suis aveugle
  33. Asterix oups
  34. Link Mauve :D
  35. dlc2015 I am using the nightly build on Debian 7.7.0. I am trying to add utf-8 emoticons. I added the following to
  36. dlc2015 '1f1ec-1f1e7.png': ['🇬🇧'],
  37. dlc2015 In a chat window, I am able to click the emoticon button and see the UK flag and select it. It sends it properly, but in my chat window, it displays two boxes with the unicode hex values.
  38. dlc2015 Also, when someone sends me the emoticon, I only see the two boxes with the unicode hex values.
  39. Link Mauve And once it’s posted?
  40. Asterix that seems a font issue, no?
  41. Link Mauve Maybe try with a u before the string, as in [u'bla'].
  42. dlc2015 🇬🇧
  43. Link Mauve My terminal only displays them as whitespaces, btw.
  44. Link Mauve Or was it glibc? I forgot.
  45. Asterix I also see 2 boxes.
  46. dlc2015 cool that did the trick! is there also a way to enter the hex values? python supports \Uxxxxxxxx but i doesn't like it when I use ['\Uf09f87acf09f87a7']
  47. dlc2015 I think if you add the entry for it into your with the uk-flag.png file, then it will show properly.
  48. dlc2015 I want to convert a Pidgin emoticon set for iOS to Gajim. That way, it'll work with a universal standard.
  49. dlc2015 Is there a way to enter a hex value into ?
  50. SamWhited dlc2015: \xabc123
  51. SamWhited Though I don't see why just entering the unicode value shouldn't work. If you're using Python 3 (which I think you said you were in the other room), the strings are all UTF-8 literals anyways
  52. SamWhited And if it's Python 2, "from __future__ import unicode_literals"
  53. SamWhited (I've never actually looked to see what Gajim uses... that's a bit silly now that I think about it)
  54. dlc2015 SamWhited: I'm stuck on Python 2. I tried downloading the latest 0.16 on Debian but Python3 it gets syntax errors when I launch it.
  55. Asterix 0.16 -> py2, trunk -> py3
  56. dlc2015 SamWhited: which file do I add that statement to?
  57. dlc2015 Asterix: I'll try trunk
  58. Asterix be carefull
  59. Asterix py3 means GTK3
  60. Asterix it works not so bad, but there is still work in progress
  61. dlc2015 Anyone know where I can get xep-0333 chat markers support? I'd like to use it with Android Conversations.
  62. dlc2015 Asterix: I'm okay using beta quality code.
  63. SamWhited dlc2015: Right there in the file probably.
  64. dlc2015 SamWhited: Great. Now I just need to find xep-0333 support
  65. Asterix dlc2015: Gajim doesn't support it. this XEP is deffered ...
  66. dlc2015 Asterix: There isn't an experimental plug in?
  67. Asterix no
  68. SamWhited dlc2015: I think we were talking about two different things earlier. When inputmice said that I had used them, the discussion inputmice and I had was about something else. I don't think I ever registered that you meant XEP-0333. Does Conversations even support XEP-0333?
  69. SamWhited (I don't think it does)
  70. SamWhited oh, nevermind, it's in the XEPs list... guess so.
  71. dlc2015 SamWhited: it's useful
  72. Link Mauve Asterix, it doesn’t really mean anything for a XEP to be deferred, you should treat them as if they were experimental.
  73. Link Mauve And any feedback can get them back on the standardization track.
  74. Asterix yep I know. but it's still not planned to implement it. any patch / plugin welcome of course!
  75. Link Mauve :)
  76. Link Mauve What I’d *really* like to see in Gajim is chatstate support in MUC.
  77. Link Mauve I’m using it in poezio since a few years and it’s really powerful.
  78. Link Mauve It’s also implemented in Empathy and Jappix, probably some others as well.
  79. SamWhited That seems like it would be really annoying to me, then again, I turn chat state stuff off when I can in general so I'm not the person to judge I guess :)
  80. Link Mauve SamWhited, yeah, it’s always just a setting. ^^
  81. Link Mauve But having it on by default makes sense.
  82. Link Mauve I find it much more useful in MUC than in one to one chats, since there are often many people participating at once.
  83. SamWhited File transfer is apparently broken in trunk as well; another simple fix though. Will submit a patch shortly.
  84. dlc2015 One of the main features that made BlackBerry Messenger and Google Hangouts popular is chat markers.
  85. SamWhited Or maybe this patch will take longer than I thought. The surface issue was simple, but there are lots of string/byte incompatibilities underneath that :)
  86. SamWhited and just doing str(whatever, encoding='utf-8') to everything feels hackish at best.
  87. Link Mauve SamWhited, besides, you can send non-UTF-8 files. :p
  88. SamWhited It's not the actual files; just random other data being passed around (the digest algorithm and something else, I forget what)
  89. SamWhited oh, a path that get's urllib.parse.unquote-ed
  90. SamWhited Fixed them to send my file, and then remembered that Gajim can't send TO conversations anyways (though it can receive, not sure why).
  91. Link Mauve Oh, do you have a log of that failing?
  92. Link Mauve … and to think I implemented file transfers in poezio nearly one year ago, and still haven’t upstreamed that…
  93. SamWhited Patch submitted. Link Mauve: No; I can get one though. I figured out why it wasn't working a while back and then forgot about it and never fixed it; Gajim doesn't send the transfer-ready stanza or the success stanza at the end I think (I forget what both of these are actually called)
  94. SamWhited (success, or completed, or whatever it's called)
  95. Link Mauve Oh, I see.
  96. Link Mauve Well, that’s a bug then. ^^
  97. SamWhited Proxy activation tag
  98. SamWhited or success tag at the end, that's what I was trying to think of.
  99. SamWhited Link Mauve: Related discussion:
  100. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7931 (Jingle file transfer broken on trunk) created Some GTK3 fixes and a few Python2/3 string incompatibility hacks to fix Jingle file transfer in trunk: diff -r 2a21b97baa30 src/ --- a/src/ Wed Jan 14 22:18:04 2015 +0100 +++ b/src/ Thu Jan 15 16:30:23 2015 -0500 @@ -2951,7 +2951,7 @@ def _on_drag_data_received(self, widget, context, x, y, selection, target_type, timestamp): […] • filetrans[…]
  101. Link Mauve SamWhited, huh, thanks.
  102. Link Mauve That should definitely get fixed.
  103. Link Mauve Do you know if a ticket is open on the trac?
  104. SamWhited Link Mauve: I haven't looked