Gajim - 2015-01-05

  1. johnny omw
  2. johnny gtk3 ftw
  3. johnny good job Asterix
  4. johnny test
  5. johnny test
  6. kruks23 gajim has been ported to gtk3?
  7. johnny more like.. in process of being ported. the default branch already uses it
  8. johnny it does work (so far) , but it's not actually completed
  9. johnny one more test
  10. arune Are there nightlies for Windows?
  11. crow arune: i dont know any of them, but would be nice to have them
  12. SamWhited Hi all; working on updating to the latest code on the default branch and am running into a problem where pyopenssl detects string types improperly (is not python3 compatible). I haven't checked yet to see if there's an upstream fix yet, but would a workaround patch for Gajim be of use (or is it already done somewhere in which case I won't bother)?
  13. Link Mauve It would probably be very welcome.
  14. Link Mauve Asterix hasn’t had any time to work on it for some months already.
  15. Link Mauve SamWhited, another thing that will have to be done in order to get it up to speed is to merge the changes that happened in the gajim_0.16 branch into default.
  16. SamWhited What versions of Python does Gajim target? I don't see a wiki page or anything about it
  17. Link Mauve 0.16 was targetting 2.7, default is targetting either 3.3+ or 3.4+, I don’t remember.
  18. Link Mauve It’s been a while since I last used anything but 3.4 on my machine, except for legacy programs. ^^
  19. SamWhited So no need to do a 2/3 compatibility check. Sounds good to me; thanks.
  20. Link Mauve Yep.
  21. SamWhited What's the best place to submit a diff? Mailing list?
  22. Link Mauve Hmm, either that or the bug tracker, I don’t remember. :/
  23. Link Mauve Try that, and if Asterix prefers some other way he’ll just tell you.
  24. SamWhited Link Mauve: Thanks for your help.
  25. SamWhited Done:
  26. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7915 (Pyopenssl uses broken string detection in Python 3 workaround) created Bug description When logging into an account using TLS, pyopenssl raises a TypeError? because it uses string detection that is broken on Python 3. Steps to reproduce Use Python 3, install pyopenssl, try to launch Gajim using the latest default branch code as of this issue being filed (changeset: 15628:81a8581[…] • patch.diff attached to Ticket #7915[]
  27. Link Mauve :)
  28. Link Mauve SamWhited, shouldn’t that be fixed in pyopenssl instead?
  29. SamWhited Link Mauve: Yah, haven't checked there yet (that's what I was asking about originally; wasn't sure if it was something that a temporary patch would be good for here). Turns out there are workarounds like that scattered throughout that file though. Will go check pyopenssl to see if there's a patch in a bit.
  30. SamWhited Also filed upstream:
  31. Link Mauve Great!
  32. Asterix SamWhited: thanks for the patch. There is a typo (load -> write) but I commit the correct one
  33. SamWhited Asterix: Oops, sorry about that. I tested it too, so I'm not sure how that got in there between running it, and actuall diffing :)
  34. Asterix the one you posted will run, just not doind the correct thing
  35. Asterix the one you posted will run, just not doing the correct thing
  36. SamWhited Asterix: Unrelated, but does Gajim have XEP-0308 support (and if so, how do I use it?) I've never seen the correction icon like that before
  37. Asterix
  38. Asterix yes it has
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15629:0b6012f288fe]: fix OpenSSL usage for py3. Fixes #7915 fix OpenSSL usage for py3. Fixes #7915 • Ticket #7915 (Pyopenssl uses broken string detection in Python 3 workaround) closed fixed: In 0b6012f288fe6b752d62a3bdbed7e87b5f2a0c06: fix OpenSSL usage for py3. Fixes #7915
  40. SamWhited I don't see an option for it; is there a trick to it?
  41. Asterix just ctrl+up, you'll see the last sent message with a yellow background (not under gtk3, I'm not able to get the default background color to put it back after. I've asked everywhere and never got an answer)
  42. Link Mauve SamWhited, Ctrl-Up.
  43. SamWhited Fantastic; thanks. Been wanting a client that did that for ages
  44. Asterix Gajim does everything, even coffe if you write the correct plugin with an opensource coffee machine that you can program ;)
  45. SamWhited Asterix: Done that (seriously).
  46. SamWhited Not with Gajim, admittedly, but the coffee/XMPP part.
  47. Link Mauve With IoT being standardized… :D
  48. Asterix hehe fun!
  49. Asterix I should think aboutthe xmpp part for my domotic ...
  50. Link Mauve I would welcome that very much. ^^
  51. Asterix I'm doing it from a cgi script, but haven't thought to do it with xmpp ... shame on me!
  52. SamWhited You of all people!
  53. Link Mauve Son, I am disappoint.
  54. Asterix I don't use a xmpp client on my phone, so I'd have to use one ...
  55. SamWhited Ooh, Ctrl+A to select all doesn't work in TIP... that's somewhat annoying
  56. Asterix TIP?
  57. SamWhited err, whatever Mercurial calls it.
  58. Asterix ha with gtk3 ...
  59. Asterix that's the kind of things that needs love in this branch.
  60. SamWhited On it.
  61. Asterix there are already monthed and monthes of work to have it working in gtk3 ...
  62. Asterix there are already monthes and monthes of work to have it working in gtk3 ...
  63. Asterix but there are probably several things that don't work
  64. SamWhited Asterix: Overall it's very nice; much improved.
  65. Asterix maybe a wiki page with all things that don't work correctly would be nice. I don't think opening a ticket for each is a giid idea ...
  66. arune SamWhited: are you on that? 😉
  67. SamWhited arune: Yup, looking into it.
  68. SamWhited arune: The Ctrl+A thing, not the wiki page (though I could go do that too while I'm thinking about it)
  69. arune Ctrl+up thing! ☺
  70. SamWhited ?
  71. Asterix Ctrl+up works
  72. Asterix it should work under gtk3 too, right?
  73. SamWhited Let's see
  74. Asterix only the yellow background doesn't work
  75. SamWhited Yup.
  76. SamWhited Asterix: Yellow background seems to be working fine.
  77. Asterix ha ... and it goes back to default color when doing one more ctrl+up?
  78. SamWhited One second...
  79. SamWhited Yah, that works too
  80. Asterix ha ... I didn't remember I fond a solution!
  81. SamWhited Although, if you Ctrl+Up, then do it again to go back, then do it again (I want to edit after all) it doesn't work.
  82. Asterix Yes, that's not a gtk3 think ...
  83. Asterix Yes, that's not a gtk3 thing ...
  84. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7916 (Right clicking edit box, an invalid GTK property is set) created When using the GTK branch if you right click the message text edit box, you get an error because a property is set wrong. Patch: diff -r 96ab9c5e925b src/ --- a/src/ Fri Jan 02 21:53:59 2015 +0100 +++ b/src/ Mon Jan 05 16:18:58 2015 -0500 @@ -339,7 +339,10 @@ e[…] • Ticket #7916 (Right cl[…]
  85. Asterix GTK -> GTK3 branch. All Gajim branches uses GTK ;)
  86. SamWhited yah, that one.
  87. Asterix I understood ;)
  88. SamWhited You'd think in all the years I've been using Trac I'd know where to find the edit button... oh well.
  89. Asterix it seems there are the same problem in several places: $ grep ", use_underli" *.py [...]
  90. SamWhited Oh, I see; select all does work... the text is just highlighted the exact same color as the background.
  91. Asterix ha, GTK3 theme issue?
  92. SamWhited Must be
  93. arune SamWhited: I mean support for 308 in conversations ☺
  94. SamWhited arune: Oh, gotcha; I haven't started it... I keep saying I'm going to do it, then never getting around to it.
  95. SamWhited Asterix: I think those other uses of use_underline are okay; it's just in that particular function that it's not accepted (in a normal widget constructor you can use it)
  96. SamWhited That's just from glancing at the grep output though; I haven't actually checked.
  97. arune Not sure edit is needed but it would be nice if displaying changed texts would look better
  98. Asterix SamWhited: ha yes right
  99. SamWhited The one in is broken, I think, but that's the only one
  100. Asterix SamWhited: then why not using: item = Gtk.MenuItem(nick, use_underline=False)
  101. Asterix hmm IIRC it's not recommanded to do it that way
  102. SamWhited Yah, I don't know why. I just assume if something has a bunch of "new" methods instead of just using the normal constructors you should use those.
  103. SamWhited something about the way GTK recycles resources, maybe.
  104. Asterix pushed
  105. SamWhited Asterix: Sorry, one more; I updated that patch in the issue.
  106. Asterix hmm no, you got a message saying the ticket has been updated so you can't post your new patch ...
  107. SamWhited Really? Trac is weird then; I just refreshed and am looking at it
  108. SamWhited It's just the same thing in anyways
  109. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15630:a067244c9ff8]: [SamWhited] fix Gtk.MenuItem.new_with_label call. Fixes #7916 [SamWhited?] fix Gtk.MenuI[…] • Ticket #7916 (Right clicking edit box, an invalid GTK property is set) closed fixed: In a067244c9ff886476c69b82ad7ab948f07a1b74f: [SamWhited?] fix G[…]
  110. Asterix arf .. statusicon will be removed
  111. Asterix no more statusicon in GTK3 :/
  112. SamWhited ah, nevermind then.
  113. Asterix it's deprecated
  114. Asterix but I don't know how to warn the user that a message has been received
  115. Asterix a popup that stay on the scren is clearly too intrusive
  116. Asterix one that disappear may be missed by the user
  117. Link Mauve Was statusicon the one in the sys tray?
  118. Asterix yes
  119. SamWhited What about updating the presence icon? Turn it blue or something
  120. SamWhited Like the GTK2 branch did
  121. Link Mauve AIUI KDE proposed a newer and better protocol based on dbus for that.
  122. Asterix where will the status icon be?
  123. Link Mauve In whatever place the DE deems appropriate.
  124. SamWhited oh, nevermind, I misunderstood the use case here.
  125. Asterix Link Mauve: the problem is not the protocole (dbus or whatever) but where is it shown to the user
  126. Asterix the "icon near clock" won't exist anymore
  127. Link Mauve Yes, and with the new protocol it’s only relevant to the DE.
  128. Asterix so you have a plugin or somthing in the DE that shows the icons
  129. Asterix is there something like that in all DE? at least the major ones (gnome, xfce, lxde, ...)
  130. Link Mauve Here is the specification:
  131. Link Mauve Asterix,
  132. Asterix but it's already relevant to the DE. in XFCE if I don't put the notification area in a panel I don't see it
  133. Link Mauve Under X11, the notification area was a X window where applications could put a small icon with an application-defined behaviour.
  134. Asterix yep
  135. Link Mauve With this proposal, already adopted by KDE and Unity (and probably others), it’s the DE that will decide how and where to display the menu the application described.
  136. Asterix now all goes through d-bus?
  137. Link Mauve icon/menu
  138. Link Mauve Yeah.
  139. Asterix ok. I'll check if XFCE has something like that
  140. Link Mauve
  141. Link Mauve This describes the reasons behind it.
  142. Asterix too much to read for this evening :)
  143. SamWhited Wow, that's really annoying; I never noticed that StatusIcon had been deprecated... the docs just say "use a platform dependant solution instead"... which is ridiculous advise.
  144. Link Mauve Just look at the images then. :p
  145. Asterix it seems xfce doesn't have that :/
  146. SamWhited If GNOME has it, you can probably install their implementation on XFCE (I'd be very suprised if it didn't work)
  147. Asterix so all application will have to do one more if: if status notifier spec supported: use it, else use the old libnotify or pynotify or our internal ugly popups
  148. Asterix xfce is not in gtk3 ...
  149. Asterix time to sleep, GN guys, and thanks SamWhited for GTK3 patches. I'd love to have a fully working Gajim in gtk3, and we're not that far from it ...
  150. SamWhited Sure thing
  151. Link Mauve SamWhited, GNOME-Shell is actually quite tied to GNOME itself.
  152. Link Mauve But they do support that specification, so that makes three.
  153. SamWhited Ah, yeah, of this is integrated into gnome shell itself I guess not.
  154. Link Mauve The idea of this spec is to provide a much better integration of status icons into the DE, so it makes sense to integrate them there.
  155. SamWhited I'm an XFCE user (more or less), so I don't think it makes sense to integrate ANYTHING into the DE (kidding, but that does tend to be the way XFCE works)
  156. Link Mauve ^^
  157. Link Mauve I’m a loliwm user currently, so I don’t have a DE. :p
  158. Link Mauve But users most probably do.
  159. arune Can someone share a screenshot of gajim in gtk3? ☺
  160. SamWhited
  161. SamWhited It cut off the titlebar for some reason, but it's not using the GNOME style theme anyways; just a regular titlebar.
  162. SamWhited (no idea what GTK3 calls it's "themes"... I just think of it as GNOME style)
  163. arune SamWhited: thanks!
  164. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7839 (Error opening «Archiving Preferences» windows) updated Here it is: ​</a>'> ​'/</a>> ​'/</a>> ​'/</a>> ​'/</a>> ​'/</a>> is: ​</a>'> ​'/</a>> <featur[…][…]