Gajim - 2015-01-02

  1. NUF A friend is using windows 0.16 release and it's included too
  2. NUF without plugins
  3. NUF why no indications? on website is written: "TLS, GPG and End-To-End encryption support (with SSL legacy support) "
  4. spicewiesel NUF: e2e and pgp are built in, otr is a plugin
  5. NUF what is e2e than?
  6. spicewiesel NUF, the right name is "esessions", it's the built in end2end encryption
  7. spicewiesel you can disable it via the edit>preferences>advanced>AdvancedConfigEditor - search for "esession"
  8. NUF ah ok, thanks spicewiesel, just a question. will it collide with message archive, like otr?
  9. NUF because i dont know the mechanics
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  11. spicewiesel not sure, but if it session based like OTR it will. But I did not yet test MAM with PGP, which is not sessions based and could work with it.
  12. NUF yes, i think, with pgp mam would just save encrypted messages, which you can decrypt on demand, like email
  13. NUF but at the moment end2end encryption is not nessesary for me, because im talking only, with some friends which are on my server ;) (c2s is encrypted anyway)
  14. мέнđì Salam
  15. spicewiesel there is never a reason to not encrypt end2end ^^
  16. NUF it breaks mam, thats a reason for me ;)
  17. spicewiesel hehe
  18. NUF and im using several devises
  19. NUF so otr like encryptions are anyway not confortable
  20. spicewiesel I don't like otr, I prefer PGP
  21. NUF yes
  22. NUF just, nobody around me is using it ;)
  23. NUF my emails are always pgp signed
  24. NUF eg
  25. NUF ah, maybe you can tell me, is there such a CA conzept for pgp, too? like for ssl
  26. spicewiesel no, it's more lika a web of trust where you verify others personally
  27. spicewiesel a big advantage to snake-oil CAs :)
  28. NUF yes, i saw it, but than its more by chance, that somebody can verify my public key ;)
  29. NUF Hey Asterix, and a happy new year
  30. Asterix Hi
  31. Asterix Happy new year to everyone!
  32. NUF Asterix: i found out the problem with mam. somebody forgot to update the mysql version of mod_mam (the prosody module), only the sqlite version is up to date
  33. NUF they are divided
  34. Asterix arf ... ok!
  35. Asterix good to know
  36. Asterix you reported that?
  37. NUF not in your tracker, but wasaq knows it, and im waiting for zash (he is doing the module) to come online
  38. NUF their
  39. Asterix ok, I was talking about reporting to prosody, so nice you did it
  40. NUF yes, that i mean, "your tracker" was mistype ;)
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  42. Asterix they are annoying ... really ...
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  44. NUF Strange spam ^^
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