Gajim - 2015-01-01

  1. NUF Happ new year friends
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  3. NUF hm, how last message correction is working? ^^
  4. NUF hey, does somebody use audio/video on windoof?
  5. dezant Happy new year Support! :-)
  6. NUF does somebody know where to switch of the status notificatios in an open chat window?
  7. NUF u2 :)
  8. dezant I guess you can find it in options.
  9. SamWhited NUF: Go into "manage bookmarks" and there's a dropdown ("Print status" or something similar)
  10. NUF SamWhited: dont see "manage bookmarks". so im talking about, that i have a lot of "user is now away", "user is now online" ...
  11. NUF was looking in options already
  12. spicewiesel NUF: it's a global not an account feature
  13. spicewiesel You will find 'manage bookmarks there'
  14. NUF hm, im in "edit->preferences" where the generall settings are. and there i dont find something
  15. SamWhited NUF: look in the file menu under the join conference option
  16. NUF aaah
  17. NUF no, im not talking about muc :)
  18. SamWhited Ah, my mistake.
  19. NUF nono, i didnt tell this clearly
  20. NUF ah, found it in advanced config
  21. NUF print_status_in_chat something like that ^^
  22. SamWhited NUF: Thanks; that's good to know. I had that set as the defaut for MUC's in the advanced prefs, but hadn't found the one for regular chat.
  23. SamWhited Lots of status messages drive me nuts.
  24. NUF :)
  25. NUF in generell you can find nearly everything their ^^
  26. NUF ok next question: how to toggle of e2e encryption permanantly? :D
  27. SamWhited NUF: What form of encryption are you using? OTR?
  28. NUF yes
  29. NUF im using message archiving, which doesnt work with otr
  30. SamWhited Edit -> Plugins -> OTR. You can disable the plugin if you don't want it.
  31. NUF SamWhited, its not a plugin :S
  32. SamWhited NUF: It's definitely a plugin for me on 0.16; maybe it's built into later versions or something.
  33. SamWhited NUF: Unless you were confused and are using GPG.
  34. NUF maybe he included it later
  35. NUF im using repo version
  36. NUF but forgot about the config, like usual xD
  37. SamWhited Just built and ran from source; I don't see any indication that it's built in.