Gajim - 2014-12-30

  1. NUF somebody still awake?
  2. SamWhited Probably. What sort of somebody do you need?
  3. Flow SamWhited: regarding Are you doing IQs async in conversations?
  4. Flow If not, what's the matter with simply matching the expected 'from' value (together with the 'id') from the response IQ?
  5. SamWhited Flow: Wrong room :)
  6. SamWhited (but the answer is that we don't always know what the expected value is since we don't have a copy of the original packet all the time)
  7. Flow Oh, I'm sure we wont bother anyone here. But I can join a better suited one if you want
  8. Flow SamWhited: You have the request IQ when you send it, don't you? That's why I'm asking if you do that stuff async
  9. Flow Because if it's sync, then the solution to prevent IQ spoofing is/should be trivial
  10. Flow (it was fixed in Smack early this year)
  11. SamWhited Flow: Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying; by definition it's async (because you don't know when the response packet will come). I'll go back and look at the code; I probably just didn't think about it enough before I posted that.
  12. Flow I have something like this in mind: sync: 'send(IQ)' will block until there is an IQ response (or throw an error exception) async 'sendAsync(IQ, Callback, Callback)' won't block, but invoke either the success or failure callback
  13. Flow whereas 'send(IQ)' simply returns the result, given there is one, of course
  14. Flow SamWhited: ^
  15. SamWhited Flow: I hadn't thought about it, but I suspect we'd never want to block. It should probably always be async. I don't really see how having two callbacks helps with where we check if the packet is from the correct user or not either.
  16. Flow SamWhited: I didn't say that two callbacks are related, you would just normally design an async api that way. But that doesn't matter here
  17. SamWhited Flow: Ah, gotcha; sorry
  18. SamWhited Flow: Do you want to continue this conversation in the Conversation room ( or via PM instead? I feel bad cluttering up the Gajim channel with discussion about a different client's development :)
  19. NUF heyho, i cant compile or start the current hq version of gajim, dont know why :/
  20. NUF the 0.16 tarball works fine
  21. NUF someone has experience with it?
  22. NUF SamWhited, are you still here? :)
  23. SamWhited NUF: Yes
  24. NUF do you have any experience with compiling current gajim?
  25. NUF and i was lookint at Conversions, looks quite interesting, does it already support XEP-0313? its listet on github, but not on the play store page
  26. SamWhited NUF: I haven't tried. Be patient, I'm sure someone will get back to you when they can (also, output from the build would probably help; is there an error?) :)
  27. SamWhited NUF: XEP-0313 was added to Conversations recently; it will be in the next release.
  28. NUF didnt want to directly spam the channel ;)
  29. SamWhited NUF: That's what pastebin or Gists or whatever are for
  30. NUF thats true ^^
  31. NUF SamWhited: oh, than I will be happy about next release :)
  32. NUF hm, have several weirt problems, maybe im to stupid to use it, will try it tomorow after sleeping ^^
  33. NUF good morning Asterix, maybe you have a sec, I'm not able to start or compile the hq version :/
  34. NUF I get the error, that an error message has wrong syntax, in this error message is written "no x server found" or something like that
  35. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7910 (Error on wake - Windows 7) created Bug description Error reported when systems wakes from sleep. Traceback (most recent call last): File "_ctypes/callbacks.c", line 314, in 'calling callback function' File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\", line 1331, in _callback File "src\common\zeroconf\", line 69, in browse_callback File "c:\python27\lib\s[…]
  36. nh2 is the host fingerprint on correct? I get an error that it's different
  37. NUF as i know its known problem with the
  38. Asterix Hi NUF
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  40. Asterix nh2: right, I updated the cert without updating the page. new fingerprint added
  41. Asterix NUF: you have to use gajim_0.16 branch
  42. Asterix hg up -r gajim_0.16
  43. NUF aah, ok, will look
  44. NUF uff, im getting crazy with that stuff ^^
  45. Asterix what's the pb?
  46. NUF i need to use "special" command to start gajim, that the menu works normal in ubuntu
  47. NUF and this doesnt work if i just start the "not installed" version
  48. Asterix just run ./ from a console
  49. NUF yes, than its buggy ;)
  50. Asterix what's buggy?
  51. NUF ubuntu moved the menu "actions, edit..." to the top of the screen and it seemes, that it doesnt support submenus
  52. Asterix ha yes, I already got reports about that
  53. Asterix I don't know what they did to GTK ...
  54. Asterix and you can workarround that?
  55. NUF you can start gajim with env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=gajim
  56. SamWhited This is one of the many reasons I hate Unity.
  57. Asterix ha ok
  58. NUF than you have oldschool menu
  59. Asterix you can put that in
  60. NUF ah
  61. NUF yes
  62. NUF moment ^^
  63. NUF restart
  64. NUF hm
  65. NUF not sure, where to put
  66. NUF tried
  67. NUF env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=exec $PYTHON -OOt "$@"
  68. NUF but this has no effect
  69. Asterix what about: export UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=gajim exec $PYTHON -OOt "$@"
  70. NUF mom
  71. NUF still no effect, but something similar i tried earlier
  72. Asterix ok and that? env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=gajim && exec $PYTHON -OOt "$@"
  73. NUF :(
  74. NUF how to "install" this versions? befor it was ./configure && make && sudo make install.... but the configure program is not there ^^
  75. Asterix ./
  76. Asterix but you have to install more things
  77. NUF you mean dependencies?
  78. Asterix you can also get the daily tarball, this way no need to run
  79. Asterix yes
  80. Asterix
  81. NUF at the moment i have a self compiled 0.16 with mam patch running, so i installed already dependencies ^^
  82. NUF is there something new?
  83. Asterix not for building
  84. Asterix building require more dep
  85. Asterix in the daily tarball, you won't have to run autogen
  86. Asterix just configure / make / make install
  87. NUF ah
  88. NUF ok
  89. NUF maybe there i got it
  90. NUF im doing to many things parallel at the moment ^^
  91. Asterix or this should work: env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=gajim && python2 -OOt "$@"
  92. Asterix (removing the exec)
  93. NUF ok. this i will try, afterwards i "install" the current tarball
  94. Asterix running hg with this line should be enough
  95. NUF ok. used the installation variation now
  96. NUF now im able to open the xml console, to look whats wrong with mam ^^
  97. Asterix maybe nothing wrong with this version :)
  98. NUF i have more the feeling, that i just did something wrong
  99. NUF but i cant remember, that i changed something in the last time
  100. NUF in the xml console i see nearly nothing about mam, while connection
  101. NUF only in the featurelist of the server
  102. NUF i was looking for the string "urn:xmpp:mam" in the whole xml content of the connection
  103. NUF and found only the featurelist
  104. Asterix what is in the feature list?
  105. Asterix exactly?
  106. Asterix :0 or :tmp?
  107. Asterix and you updated nbxmpp to 0.5.2?
  108. Asterix (or daily)
  109. NUF hm, moment ^^
  110. NUF <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:tmp'/>
  111. NUF i see <iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="get" id="159"><pref xmlns="urn:xmpp:archive" /></iq>
  112. NUF but no answer
  113. NUF maybe server problem?! :S
  114. Asterix ha ... tmp ...
  115. Asterix Gajim now uses latest spec protocole
  116. Asterix so with :0
  117. Asterix update your prosody module
  118. NUF hm, tried to update everything, didnt have any effect, i will look later in detail,
  119. Asterix mod_mam from their hg repository uses urn:xmpp:mam:0
  120. NUF in the lua file i see this too
  121. NUF but i installed it and restartet the server
  122. NUF and still get the same xml
  123. Asterix hmmm where does it take the :tmp from?!?
  124. Asterix are you sure that prosody was really killed?
  125. Asterix I already saw that a restart doesn't really killed prosody
  126. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7761 (Unable to remove contact of JID `1`) updated I can't reproduce. It works for me
  127. niklas NUF: I'd be suprised if it had something to do with the CA, since it's just the certificate's fingerprint
  128. NUF possibly i mix up something ;) i think asterix responded already, that he changed something
  129. niklas NUF: ah ok, it was just out of date. Now it's fine, thanks!
  130. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7911 (Integer entropy error (prob. OTR plugin)) created Bug description Seems to be a bug related to the OTR plugin: Message 1) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 1868, in _messageCB conn=self, stanza=msg, File "/us[…][…]