Gajim - 2014-12-29

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  4. Asterix Is someone able to reproduce ?
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  6. NUF Hey Asterix, I will have a look soon, just currently busy
  7. Asterix thanks
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  9. мέнđì Salam
  10. мέнđì Ver Asterix:
  11. NUF I tested it Asterix and it works without any issues for me
  12. NUF hrhr, but now I have another problem... cant remove the second account
  13. NUF
  14. NUF ConnectionArchive... maybe because I have the mam patch active (which doesnt work at the mome, but later for this ^^)
  15. NUF aaaah, now i get an error message each minute -.-
  16. Asterix NUF: fixed in repository, thanks
  17. NUF thx :)
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  19. NUF can we maybe later look on my mam problem?
  20. NUF for some time i dont get any more updates
  21. Asterix because you use latest MAM spec version?
  22. Asterix I commited yesterday a patch from a contributor to update the implementation to work with latest spec version
  23. NUF i didnt update or change anything
  24. NUF neither cleint nor server
  25. NUF do i need to update both for the new spec?
  26. Asterix that's a good idea yes
  27. Asterix BBL go to prepare dinner
  28. NUF prijatnogo appetita ;)
  29. NUF i will have a look on it later, maybe you know if the prosody module already has this patch?!
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  31. Asterix NUF: yes prosody module already implements the latest spec version
  32. NUF ok. I will patch it tomorow